Do you OBSESS like I do??

  1. I have been thinking about getting the Lockit Horizontal for about a week now. I cannot stop thinking about it! It creeps into my thoughts constantly. I tried buying the bag this week but LV is totally SOLD OUT!! I called the 866 number and NO ONE has this BAG!!! I need to be patient! I have even been considering buying one from eBay but I know I want mine brand new.

    Am I the only one who totally obsesses over thoughts of a new purchase??!!
  2. You are not alone.
  3. always!!!;):heart: you're not alone~!!!:p good luck on your serch!
  4. haha rest assured, Im guilty too!
  5. Nope! Definitely not. When I know I want to purchase something it just creeps into my mind no matter what!!! I think I might have a small case of OCD! :nuts:

    Sometimes, I even get obsessed with my wish list. I write out what I think I want, and then seconds/minutes/hours later I change it all around again until I'm happy with it; then I might see something days/weeks/months later and the list goes through another revision!
  6. Count me in as well. :p
  7. I am soooooo guilty of this ^^^^ ! My boyfriend thinks im so weird lol, I cant believe hes still with me :p! Oh also, ill obsess over one bag and once ive bought it, a couple days later the obsession begins for the next bag, its a real addiction.
  8. Count me in too. This place is very good at feeding the obsession. VERY GOOD. I've had dreams about LV bags for the past 3 nights!
  9. OMG, I feel like LV takes up a large part of my brain! LOL!
  10. i've definitely lost sleep over thoughts regarding new you are not alone!!!
  11. I do it all the time!
  12. OMG, I just got in the car started to drive to LV to beat the price increase, realized I was exhausted and acting crazy, turned around came home. My husband was like "what are you doing?"! I now have 2 items up on the LV site and was about to purchase them when I decided to check TPF to see what was up. I was about to but the Berkeley and Speedy 30. I don't know what I will do, part of me is totally obsessed with the bags the other half says, that is a lot of $$.
  13. you are most definitely NOT alone! I have been obsessing about making a purchase, ANY purchase and have posted several threads about it recently, but to my dismay everything I wanted was sold-out...NATIONWIDE! I was so upset about not being able to calm my need to purchase nerves, that I just ordered a pochette off of eluxury! so I can totally relate!
  14. You are definitely not the only one. I obsess so much I literally have dreams about it. Right now I'm so upset because there were three things I wanted before the price increase but none was in stock.
  15. I am equally guilty thus I try to distract my mind otherwise I will go nuts!