Do you obsess about keeping your bags pristine?

  1. I love getting a brand new bag that's flawless. There's nothing like looking at a perfect bag. I take steps to ensure that the bag is protected - spray the bag a couple of times, never place it on the floor and am ever so careful whenever I carry it. But no matter how much I "baby" and pamper my bags, within the first week of carrying a bag, I almost always notice a new "mark."

    Example - I bought a Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo in chalk during their 4th of July Big Bang sale. The bag was gorgeous, totally flawless. Admittedly, I was a little worried about carrying a white colored bag, but I made sure I was extremely careful with it. Two days after I started using it, I noticed a small pink-ish color mark near the edge of the flap. I hadn't worn anything red and/or pink, and can't imagine what it's from. But so far, that's all I've noticed.

    I also bought a Rust colored Baca last month & started carrying it right away. I used the bags every day for about 3 weeks, and I noticed that the backside of the bag was starting to look "dirty". This really bothered me, because I know how careful I am, and I can't imagine that it's any one thing I did.

    With some bags, I'm anal when it comes to keeping them flawless looking (i.e., my Gryson Olivia, Chloe Paddington, my Balenciagas), but with other bags I'm a little more relaxed and just know that some wear is bound to become apparent after using the bag for a while. This is kind of how I rationalized my HH Havana - I wouldn't normally choose a bag like this in white, but that sale price was too good to pass up. So I look at it like I only paid $125 for this $400 bag - if it gets a little "banged up" I'm not going to fret over it. My Moni was bought with the intention of being a "knock around" bag - so I'm not as careful with that one (and honestly, I think it looks BETTER now than when I first got it!!)

    But what about you? Do you obsess about keeping your bags flawless looking? What do you do if your bag gets a mark, scuff or the ever dreadful scratch? Do you try to fix it immediately? Do you just leave it, and let the bag age normally? Do you put the bag ways and move on to one of your other ones so you don't have to think about it? Or do you sell and/or give the bag away, and replace it with a new one?
  2. I am obsessive to a fault when it comes to the appearance of all my handbags. If I see a smudge, I try to find the nearest place to clean it even a public restroom...yikes! But it drives my crazy when I see ladies out and about shopping, and their handbags are disgustingly grime-ridden. It's like getting a spot right in the middle of your white want to take care of it immediately, even if you have to walk around with a big water spot! I know bags are meant to be worn, but I freak out over some things!
  3. I do what I can to erase a mark or whatever, but I don't obsess about it....if I think one is getting messed up I will probably put it away in its dust bag for awhile and carry one one of my cheapies.......
  4. I don't see the point in obsessing about keeping it flawless. That would take the enjoyment out of wearing a new bag.
  5. I baby my bags anyway. They sit on a fluffy towel in my car and get covered with that towel so the sun doesnt beat down on them or so I dont spill anything (have a habit of eating in the car alot) on them. They sit in a special place at home till I go out.

    THE most high maintenenace bags to me were Balenciaga. Simply could not deal with the fact that if you look at them the wrong way the corners would show wear or there would be a scratch. I got sick of them and had to sell them all to actually be able to move onto a bag I could use and enjoy.

    so after all these years I went back to Coach. Made extremely well and can pretty much withstand anything. Good decision for me. I am actually enjoying my bags and I'm not afraid to use them.

    nice feeling.
  6. oh I totally obsess. some of my bags still have not left my house as I am afraid something will happen to them.
  7. I wouldn't say I exactly obsess, but I am extremely careful with them.
  8. I'm pretty much the same way. When I found that mark on my HH bag, I immediately tried to get it out (it didn't work, altho it did lighten up some). I would never let a bag of mine get really banged up, or heavily dirty and/or worn. I don't even use any of my bags long enough for this to happen. When I discovered my Gussto was starting to get dirty, I immediately cleaned it up & put it away. If it's something I know I can take care of myself, I always tend to it right away, but sometimes I notice marks and/or scuffs that there's nothing I can do about. I'm learning to be a little more relaxed about it - but I do pay close attention to my bag's condition.
  9. I'm pretty obsessive with keeping my bags (inside/outside) clean. I use sprays and protectants, as well as an eraser for my white bags. The eraser seems to work best. I had a smudge that looked like it came from the jeans I was wearing. After using mild soap and water and the eraser, my purse was good as new. And my bags NEVER go on the ground. First off, there's a saying that "a woman who puts her purse on the ground will always be broke," and seondly, why put a purse on the nasty ground anyway??? But...I'm as obsessive with keeping my diamond jewelery beautiful too. I don't think it's terribly difficult to keep bags looking nice. It just requires attentiveness to one's bags. I think for me it was the day I found pen marks inside a new Fendi that was a turning point for me. Almost all of my bags look brand new.
  10. what type of eraser do you use? I have a suede eraser that I use on all my suede lined bags, but I've never heard of an eraser for the exterior leather. Maybe this would work on this small mark on my HH
  11. No. I'm not dirty, but I don't feel the need to "baby" my bags. I'd despise them if I had to.
  12. I struggle with this all the time. I love my bags and obsess about every little mark. At the same time I want to wear them and enjoy them. Some people say that wear adds character, I am not so sure. Perhaps the only reason to keep them pristine is if you are planning on selling them. I have never bought a bag for the purpose of reselling it, but as my collection grows I may have to make room. I know that bags with marks do lose retail value. I guess it has to be a balance. As said above there are some bags that are very sensitive ( i.e., Spy, Balenciaga) and some which are not LV Epi). There is something nice about carrying a great looking bag and not having to worry so much about its care.

  13. All I use is a leather/suede eraser from either Foot Locker or Timberland. Be very careful though if the bag is dark colored, because it may lighten the leather color in that area. I use them only on my white bags. One day I decided to test it on a "cheapie" bag and it worked. Also, if you have a dry cleaner that you REALLY trust, they can re-dye the bag and that may cover your stain. But, you need a stellar dry cleaner for that. Most of them won't put the care into it that's required.
  14. i don't like major stains or goo on my bags, but, i really like when they look worn in and well loved...this being said from a woman who just spilled ice cream all over a new pale yellow husband calls me the biggest klutz in the world...*sigh* maybe that's why i NEVER get a light colored bag!!!!!
  15. Oh, yeah...there is a great difference between "patena" and smudges. I love patena!!!