Do you now dislike buying other designer brands after you started buying LV?


Do you now dislike buying other designer brands after you started buying LV?

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  1. I have just came across this feeling right now as I am trying to tidy and clean up my messy crowded bedroom right now. I had this bad habit of buying whatever I saw that I thought was cute, no matter whether it was really useful or suitable for me or not. So, after a few years time, I have tons of unused brand new stuff at home. A lot of them are cute little accessories, cute clothes, and also quite some brand name handbags I got on sale. But, how come they sit in my closet unused and collecting dust??

    I was telling myself that I will use the brand new cute coach evening bags, burberry handbags, gucci totes some day. But, after I got my Louis Vuitton pieces, I know I will not use other brands any more. My fiance and my other friends jus made fun of this that now I am being material and will only use LV and wont care about other cheaper brands. Well, am I?

    I don't want to be labelled as being materialistic. But, after using my LV pieces, I have noticed great difference of quality between LV and other brands. My previous wallets were coach and gucci. The coach one was a leather wallet with a kisslock coin compartment closure which was broken in like two months :shrugs: . Maybe I put in too many coins? My gucci denim wallet last longer, but it looked very beaten up and dirty after like a 2 years use. Maybe I am just obssessive about cleanliness, but the denim material made me feel there were a lot of germs on it from the dirty bills. So, right now I am using the vernis framboise agenda as a wallet with filofax and hello kitty inserts, which had been holding up pretty well. It still look very new and neat after 5 months use. Although a lot of PFers are worried about taking care of vernis pieces, but I didnt really baby the agenda. It has no scratchs or color transfer at all so far, and the good thing is I can use lysol wipe to clean the surface ;) (don't wipe with a very wet lysol wipe though, let it dry a little bit first) , which gives me a very clean feeling.

    My pomme damore heart coin purse is doing great too. Minimal scratches on the hardware, and no scrates on the patent leather surface at all, after hanging on my damier speedy for like 2 months. Needless to say, my damier speedy and pouchette accessories are still like new after half a year use. Other brands I bet can hardly compare to this kind of quality. I also use lysol wipe to wipe the exterior, because I would put the speedy on the floor, and the pouchette on the restroom tabletop.

    I had tried to explain to my friends that I think it is more worthy to invest on LV pieces given its quality, timeless style, and abilty to keep its value. I have been using my LV pieces every day, which I would never do before with my other brands accessories. You may also have the same feeling that, even say you get a gucci handbag on sale, but you probably feel it is out and don't want to use it after a season or two. But I know my friends still think that I am just being snobbish and materialistic. A few of my girlfriends actually have distanced from me.

    My fiance would make fun of my LV, but lucky these days he actually start to compliment the usefulness of my vernis agenda and the durability of my speedy, but of course not yet the price of these.

    Now I have learnt my lesson the hard way, because I have to get rid of my unused stuff before I leave the country later this year with my fiance. You can imagine how frustrating it is to fetch for the receipts and try to list on eBay :crybaby: . I can only blame how I was so crazy when other brands are on sale or in the outlets. I was enlightened after my outlet shopping trip at woodbury outlets last Black Friday, if you remember my post. I am now only looking to buy durable accessories from LV.

    Sorry for this long post. I am just feeling helpless looking at the piles of useless stuff in my room. :crybaby:

    Do you all PFers have similar experience?
  2. i dont dislike other brands but i care more about quality now and most of the money i used to spend on other things is taken up by LV. i do have a room full of things i dont use anymore though, like about 20 wallets that will never see the light of day again.
  3. I only have a couple of other designer bags it wasn't a delibrate choice for me I just found that I was only buying LV, my mono speedy is about 4 years (I think) and it still looks new, with LV you really buy value for money. I don't think it's materialistic but loads of people just dont understand
  4. yep.. I don't like anything but LV
  5. I sold off almost all my other bags once I discovered LV, I still have one Prada which I love & can't get rid of but LV is all I want now.
  6. No. There are other bags and other designers that I like and I will continue to purchase them.
  7. At first, I don't. After my first purchased in LV, I still bought coach but eventually I don't want to purchase coach lol. It's not because of the brand but coach handbag model isn't as good as before I guess.

    I think LV is more long lasting than any other brand.
  8. LV surpasses many other brands, I think. They look better, smell better, and hold up really well over time..I don't think I will go to any other brand.
  9. I'm constantly looking at other designers online on websites such as and as well as Niemans/Saks and even though my eye catches some styles and/or colors of other designers I can't say that I would be happy spending say, $1000 on a Prada or Gucci that in a year or two will sit and collect dust because the style came and went. LV does have the longevity that the other brands lack. I like Coach though because they're so inexpensive that it doesn't bother me if I get sick of them and I could always sell them and at least get 1/2 my money back. Good luck on eBay! :smile:
  10. :yes:

    I've actually sold off a majority of my purses once we purchased my first LV in a very long time.

    I just forgot about the entire experience at the boutique and the quality.

    Unless my experience at the boutiques gets worse, I'm thinking I might convert to another brand... But so far, I'm staying with LV and am in search of a SA.

    I should not say this, but never, ever again will I buy another brand (if it's cute, then that's another story - we'll cross that bridge when we get there)... :smile:
  11. yeah, it is weird.
    I look at other handbags in the stores or on-line, but know that I just don't "need" this stuff.
    That I have everything I need at LV, or in my closet already.
    This is good, I love the quality and style options of LV.
  12. I used to only like Dior but now all I have is LV:lol:
  13. I do cherish my LVs most of all, and thank tPF here for introducing/corrupting me into it!! But I still enjoy other designers (Fendi, Prada, Coach, Kooba and Isabella Fiore). But I only have one wallet and one checkbook cover now (LV mono, of course)!
  14. I don't mainly stick to one fashion house, but I love Louis Vuitton for the quality and the tradition. And that it's much cheaper than all the other fashion houses out there doesn't hurt as well, so I can buy more. :graucho:
  15. Not for me. I'm constantly looking at MJ and LV bags at the same time. I would love to own an Hermes one day. This is all very bad for the wallet. =(