Do you notice that older prints like Notte have softer nylon than new prints?

  1. Do you notice that older prints like notte, fumo, etc have softer nylon than the new prints like transporto, etc? Because I bought my first tokidoki bag at Macys' which was a notte and i returned it to get the transporto. However, i did notice a difference between them, the notte had nylon that was way softer than the transporto. Do you notice that? or is it just macys? Because all the notte bags that i touched was softer? :wtf:
  2. for some reason, the black camo bella bella i have is softer than the others i have.
  3. Yeah I feel like Trasporto is not as soft as the earlier prints..
  4. The Black Cammo, Olive Cammo and Original prints have had the softest nylon fabric so far. Foresta isnt even that soft.. it looks somewhat stretched out for some reason :| or at least the ones i have aren't. It's one reason why im super crazy for the Cammo prints.. the softness is :heart:.

    I think theyre just using "lower" end nylon as the collection's coming to an end or perhaps they feel that it is more cost-effective if they do that or whatever ya know?

    When I first received my Olive Cammo Luna.. I thought I almost developed a fetish for touching it.. haha and then I quickly found out that it's only on certain prints..
  5. omg yes! i was actually just about to start a thread about this. All I have are Pirata and Inferno prints but I noticed a BIG difference in fabric softness/stiffness between the 2. My Inferno BV is so much more flimsier than my Pirata BV. I thought maybe it was 'cuz all my infernos were older and used, but I guess maybe it is the fabric. :confused1:
  6. And the zippers run smoother too... (on the older prints like cammo) Stupid lesportsac getting cheap on us PLUS raising the prices for the new prints vs the original ones
  7. Yah i noticed that to. I have a Tan PG Stellina that is super flimsey and won't keep it shape. On the other hand I have a AS Stellina that is much more thicker and can keep it's shape.

    Also, I bought a Transprot Zucca from the mainland and i noticed that the nylon is different from the hawaii Trasporto. I asked a SA about that and he said that there are 3 factories that make tokidoki and they ship to different places and also use different nylon...weird!
  8. Yah I also noticed this about both the nylon fabric and the zippers .. lol glad other people think the same thing!!
  9. What's the difference between the Hawaii and mainland trasporto fabric? Is the Hawaii one softer or ..?
  10. Oh yea! Is the old flimsey fabric better than the hard new fabric?
  11. I have a black campeggio that has very soft fabric. I LOVE the way this bag drapes and slouches. It looses it's messenger style with stuff in it (which I like) because it just falls so nicely. I don't use my black bag much because I prefer my printed bags.
  12. I've noticed that about the zippers because the one on my forest bella is the only one that doesn't get stuck!
  13. The advantage with softer fabric is that its very very nice to touch.. to be honest tho i think it doesn't really affect the way the bag is but it is more likely to "lose" shape.

    but since i have bag styles that dont really require "shape" unless i stuff it then of course id mind how ugly it looks .. stuffed.

    seriously tho.. i think either way it doesnt really affect it to the point that you gotta get the soft one or the hard.. etc