Do You NOE ?

  1. Hi all, do you know what colour this is..also does the noe have a long strap or is it too short to go over the body ?. Thanks to all who reply :flowers:

  2. Picture ?
  3. sorry I just added one of the colour, I forgot to add it 1st time round lol :smile:
  4. 1) Fawn

    2) It's meant to be a longer hanging over the shoulder bag as far as I know, I know for those with smaller frames it can be carried messenger style but if you're tall and you try to do that, it'll probably ride up pretty high and be uncomfortable.
  5. That colour is fawn, and the shoulder strap of the Noe is definitely too short to be worn cross-body - the Noe would be right up to your chest.
  6. lol so how much do you think is a good price for a fawn one ? the this colour discontinued ?. thanks
  7. it looks like my new kenyan fawn noe
  8. The fawn colour was discontinued years ago. What's regarded as a good price is subjective - it depends on the condition of the item.
  9. thanks for your help guys and girls :smile: