do you need visine after you shower/bath

  1. I find that cleansers tend to irritate my eyes a little. And after the shower they're always a little red, and I use visine--like everyday, its part of my ritual: apply moisturizer, eye cream, then visine to get red out. Before I was using Noxema, now Im using the Dove gentle exfoliating cleanser, which I like. I like both cleansers, they work well with my skin. But I think the perfumes, without going directly into the eye, cause redness.
  2. haha i thought i was the only one! I use it before doing anything when i get out of the shower (im not to coordinated in the mornings and it drips down my face). My eyes dont get irritated from products though, they just need a little help looking more awake and not so tired
  3. never had , but this is a nice idea!
  4. Yeah I hate when it does that, Im a nazi when it comes to my age-defying eye gel. LOL
  5. Thank God there is at least one person, other than me, that does this! I look like i've been crying in the shower whenever I get out! Visine is part of my routine.
  6. I've done it but haven't had to do it every day. I would think the redness would go away in a short time?
  7. If you're talking about regular Noxzema cream it doesn't have any fragrance in it, but it does have eucalyptus, menthol and camphor oils which could irritate your eyes if you got too close. When I use it, I just go around my eyes. I've found out the hard way that it does sting if I'm not careful.

    I also make sure I remove all my eye makeup before getting in the shower. Mascara run-off tends to REALLY irritate my eyes, no matter what brand I use.
  8. Just thought I'd share this info with you girls. I used to use Visine all the time and it eventually stopped working for me. If you google "overuse of visine" there's all kinds of horror stories. Here's one:

    "Pretty long time ago, maybe 15-16 years, my dad told me to stop using Visine every day. He said I would get addicted to it...of course I :lol:'ed at him, and havn't forgot it since.

    So yesterday I was at the eye dr getting a recheck for new contacts, and mentioning how my eyes are red and dry some mornings for no reason. Were going over all kinds of possibilities, nothing matches until I mention that I use Visine nearly every morning.

    I nearly fell out of the chair when he said "Yep that's it, you're addicted to Visine."


    I kinda smiled and laughed, and he says "No really. Visine was a medication we (eye drs) used about 40 years ago. Once it became obsolete to new research, it went to an over-the-counter product. It stimulates your eye to produce (insert name of some chemical here) which your eye normally excretes on it's own, when needed. When you use Visine on a regular basis, your brain 'learns' not to produce it anymore since you are providing it. Your body has become addicted to it, and doesn't produce the lubricant on it's own now. You have to break the habit."

    He's saying all this with a straight face while I'm trying to see how serious he is. :shrug: Guess I owe my dad an apology.."

    I don't wanna freak anyone out....just know that it's really not good for you. HTH:flowers::yes:
  9. ^ I've heard that it's not good to use it too often. I've also heard that you shouldn't use it if you wear contacts :shrugs:
  10. Omg, Ive often joked with myself that Im addicted to it. Its one of my "cant live without" products, right up there with lip balm, and keys. smh

    Ironically, the day after I created this thread (today), I didnt need it. I think I rinsed quicker. And really, if you dont wear makeup, there's really no reason to put cleanser anywhere near your eye area. Devine's post does make sense, I will slow down. And Ive been doing this for YEARS. lol