do you need to pay up front??

  1. :confused1::confused1:Looking for a Neverfull mm, and sold out everywhere. Question if I put my name on the wait list, do I need to pay in full?? I now sillly question, but this is new to me. TIA!!
  2. i'm not sure if the policies across all LV stores are the same, but at my local store, they don't require you to pay in full or even put a downpayment (if it's a bag like the Neverfull MM) - since it's a waitlist and as per hte LV country manager, there's no obligation to buy. I guess it'll be a different story if it was a special order. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. You don't have to pay anything until you get the bag.
    However, you can give your CC no. to your SA. So whenever the bag is available, your SA will charge your CC and put the bag on the side for you to pick up. Otherwise, SA will just call you and let you know that the purse is available for you to pick up in the certain period of time.

    If you don't pick up within the day that SA tell you, she/he will sale it to someone else.

    That's all my experience.
  4. My local store in Minnesota does not require pay up front, allthough every customer service rep from LV 866 # has said all stores do...shows how much they know, lol.