Do you need to feel it? Buying BBags online via the internet v in retail stores

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  1. Call me traditional but I prefer to see Bal bags and feel them physically before I make a purchase. How comfortable are you to just order it over the phone without seeing the colour for youself and condition of the leather?:graucho:
  2. I made a "blind" first purchase. I was kind of nervous, but I'd done a ton of research (here on PF, of course :p) and after looking at a bazillion beautiful pictures and reading about what Bbags were like as well as BALNY, I felt I'd be OK with whatever bag the SA chose for me. I get I got lucky in that the two bags I ordered from BALNY both turned out to be pretty darn good.

    The pictures here at PF really helped. The modeling ones showed really well what different styles would look like worn, the close-up pictures gave me a really good idea of what the leather was like. I did eventually go to NM in SF to see the bags in person but.... I wasn't surprised at all when I first saw/felt the Bbags! They were exactly what I was expecting!!
  3. I was :yes: to the research part. Many thanks to TPFers for the unselfish sharing of infor, tips and the congratulatory msgs of my new purchase. I :heart: this Bal forum
  4. well, as a fella singaporean, you may be able to understand why i had to buy all my bbags blind. i just can't afford to be "traditional". good for you if you can pay more for a city than i can for a work :whistle:
  5. I have no problem ordering them without seeing them first. I've had pretty good luck at it. So far I have only had to return one (only because I didn't like the color as much as I thought I would, but the leather was amazing). Honestly, after my latest experience at Barney's (only major retailer here who stocks Bal), I would rather order online than give them my business. That sort of helped me make up my mind about online/phone orders.
  6. This place is wonderful. The pictures & all the information help greatly!!! I use all that to buy my bags sight unseen. It is a risk to buy online especially when one(like me) is particular about the leather. BUT I tend to agree with glossie. I would rather save that couple of hundreds & put it for part of my next bag. :yes:
  7. i've ordered all my bbags sight unseen from balny. i lucked out with my vert d'eau (i think all of the vert d'eau colored bbags were soft though) and then afterwards i discovered kim & i've never had to send back a bag she's sent me.

    i would LOVE to choose one in person - but i live on an island that doesnt sell bbags... and when i'm in america i'm not in NYC, and i'm not going to buy a bbag from NM b/c then i'll have to pay tax. my parents were in zurich for a while and checked them out for me - but they were more expensive than in america.

    soooo yeah.. i'll prob never choose a bbag in person... BOOO! lol
  8. I like to see pictures but its impossible for me to get my hands on one irl, no stores in MN carry bal, even though Nordstrom was supposed to
  9. I am in the same boat as other as there are no stores for hundreds of miles that carry bbags. I am new to the bbags so I am looking forward to going to Vegas in a couple weeks and taking some quality time in the NM there. I want to touch everything. I guess those of us who can't get to store just have to trust the retailers online to help us out!
  10. LOL, I have never actually *seen* a single one of the bags in my collection before I bought it ;)
  11. i'm not thrilled ordering over the phone, but that is what usually happens. I use the information and pictures here to guide my choice. There is nothing really local for me to see in person. And I don't love traveling into the city to go to BALNY. It is a trip, and honestly, I just don't like the whole atmosphere there.
  12. Oh, I'm not willing to let club21 get away with my hardearned $$$. My sis' my "feelers". She got mine from overseas as she travels lots.:graucho:
  13. Guess I'll have to buy online someday soon as it's sometimes tough to wait for my sis to travel to get one for me. By then, my fav of the moment will be sold out.

    I think I'll bite my fingers and hope for the best of that happens coz I've heard that some bags are scruffed and some leathers are grainy.
  14. A few of my purchases have been phone orders, and I have been happy every time.
  15. I just made a BLIND order today:wtf:. 20 mins ago to be exactly. I HATE ordering bags that i've never seen in and color! just hoping for the best.:yes::angel: i took a lot of people's advice n ordered through BalNY. im so nervous, hopefully wont regret it. I ordered the cinnamon/brown in the city. I've been wanting a Bbag for like 2 years now! so finally i was like i HAVE to have it. lol. It's sad cuz there is absolutely no Bbag in my area. the closest store is a state away which is about 4 hrs. drive for me.

    The only thing i don't understand is why BalNY do not do full refunds. They only give store credit. I think im taking a huge risk here. i will seriously have a heart attack if i ended up not like the Bbag at all....99% that won't happen.