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  1. Ooooh! Lovely goodies! An RM collection thread is now in order ;)

  2. Thanks travelers! I don't think anything could compare to your collection, but I might just have to post my own thread once I get the last two in the mail! ;)
  3. Welcome!!! Let's try to slow down....
  4. Oh my gosh trust me I totally agree! I know I need to slow down, and I'm totally on ban right now. I go back to teaching next week- thank god! I won't have a tone of extra time on my hands to look for great RM deals!
  5. In the last year I bought four mams, two macs, the sweetie and the desire and pouches *hangs head*
    I'm seriously considering a new mac from eBay because the color is so amazing. Ah I need someone to talk me down
  6. I just discovered RM over the summer. And I've bought and sold several bags in such a short time. I've slowed down to let my wallet recoup but I'm looking to start up again. But I'm going to try to take it slow.

    Lt Gray Matinee (sold)
    Black Ikat MAC
    BBW MAM w blue zipper (sold)
    Black MAC w blue zipper
    Dk brown MAC
    Grape MAC
    Dk Gray circle quilted MAC
    Woven Affair (sold)
    Eggplant MAM
    nylon tote (sold)
    Wine MAM
    Colorblock python MAM
    BBW MAC w blue zipper
    Black MAM
    Black Mini MAC w RGHW (sold)
    Navy Luxe MAC

    and some accessories :
    Grape "touch & go" iPad case
    Taupe sunglasses pouch
    "Tattoo fund" pouch
    "Love Life" pouch

    I think that's it. My first purchase was towards the end of August I believe. So it's been 6 months. I haven't bought anything since November. But I think I'm looking to add another MAC ( or two) and MAM that have caught my eye.
  7. I think I bought the light gray married from you kenzi!! And I looovveee her!
  8. You did :biggrin: I've seen some of your pics of her and I'm so glad she went to a good home and is getting some use!
  9. I am relatively new to RM too and recently discovered this crazy addictive world!! My very first RM was a birthday present from the hubby last October (2012) and since then, I've scoured the net and gone on an insane and spectacular shopping spree! Am hoping to break the habit, but seriously doubt it will work ;)

    In order of purchase (this far!):

    1. Yellow MAC w/silver hardware
    2. Sailor blue mini Mattie w/silver hardware (from another tpf-er)
    3. Light gray Mattie w/gold hardware (from another tpf-er)
    4. Red studded, quilted MAM w/light gold hardware
    5. Brown cross body Main Squeeze w/gold hardware
    6. Plum python MAM w/rose gold hardware
    7. Black woven / basketweave MAM with blue exposed zipper track w/gold hardware
    8. Navy blue with studs Vixen w/gold hardware (soon to be on her way, just bought today from another tpf-er, sample bag!)

    I am still scouring Bonanza and eyeing at least two or three more bags, with two outstanding offers!!! It's crazy....I need help =]
  10. Oh wait! I forgot the black Beloved w/gold hardware! Bought somewhere in the top 3-4 spots ;)
  11. haha i just realized that the ipad autocorrected 'mattie' to married......terribad! :graucho:
  12. Wow! You got some great pieces! Once the addiction sets in, it sets in HARD! We've all been there. :smile: Twins on the light gray Mattie!
  13. KENZIBRAY & PLAINGAL, each of you have amazing pieces! You've collected lovely pieces in such a short period of time :smile:
  14. I couldn't agree more, lol.
  15. Yes, I am beginning to realize that.... already this morning, after just buying one more yesterday, I am planning on putting in one or two more orders...... so BAD!!! :roflmfao: