do you need an extender for a pochette??

  1. or will it fit on your shoulder without one?? Can someone who has both measure the strap with it and without it please??
  2. I can use my Pochettes without an extender.
  3. Most people find it extremely tight or just imposssible to wear on the shoulder without the extender.
  4. Measurements Please???
  5. An Extender Keyring is an additional 3.5"

    Therefore, the length of the strap on a pochette with a Keyring extender is around 19" (which includes the Zipper flap thing one on end which is around 2" long, if that makes sense)

    Without Extender it will be 15" long

    I find it without the extender, that the bag sits under your armpit, so with the extender, its much more comfortable.

    However, my friend finds that the strap will stretch a bit over time, but i guess that is with regular usage.

  6. i can wear it without an extender, so long as i am wearing no jacket or my jacket is thin (like a jean jacket). i really want one of those natural cowhide straps so i can wear it cross body style.
  7. I can wear mine without comfortably :smile:
  8. It sits quite comfortably without, but having the extender allows you to wear it with a coat on as well.
  9. I have thin arms and I never have problems wearing it without a extender, even in my winter coat
  10. use without ... no prob
  11. I just got the extender and I feel much better
  12. I think if you are think you'll have no problem using it without. But then again if you want it right in your arm pit you'll be ok too.

    Otherwise the extender just gives it that tab bit more of room.
  13. I can wear mine without just fine, even over a know that "pochette extender" is really a key chain, was only sold as an extender once the pochette's used as small bags caught on........
  14. Do they make an extender in silver? I am considering buying but can't figure out if they made one to match my epi pochette.
  15. yep, they do offer it in silver.....