Do you need a protective spray for your leather bag?

  1. I have heard different opinion - some say yes some no. What do you think? How about leather boots?
  2. I am a big proponent of spraying leather bags with a water and stain repellent - my favorite, hands-down product is Wilson's TLC; you can find it on their web site here - not sure if they ship to Canada; you can do a search here on tPF for products that others have used.

    DEFINITELY spray your leather boots - especially if you tromp around in the snow and winter garp - the salt WILL stain them and it's hard to get out of leather once it's in.
  3. I agree with II. I spray all of my bags (except black, patent and glazed ones) with Wilson's TLC as soon as I get them.

    About once each year, I use Wilson's lotion to clean and condition my black leather bags.
  4. I'm the odd one out. I don't spray any of my bags. I leave them alone. As for my boots, they're Canadian shearling and are made to be worn in the snow and as far as my gorgeous black leather equestrian boots are concerned, nothing. I have them professionally polished at the end of the season.
  5. Well, I don't spray my bags now - I only carry cervo (deerskin) bags and they love water, so I never worry - and they wipe clean, too. I LOVE maintenance-free leather. Commercial break/on: BOTTEGA VENETA! Commercial break/off (yes, you know, commercials are always louder!!!)

    Not ALL of us can have our boots professionally handled, missy - (she writes, flicking imaginary hair over her shoulder) (she also writes - 'you know I lurve you, right...')
  6. i use protective spray only on my more expensive handbags, especially the ones with color so it will somewhat prevent heavy pick up/transfer of dirt, dye, etc.
  7. I don't treat any of my leather bags I like my leather aged. However some leathers are more delicate(lambskin) and others are much more durable(calfskin, deerskin) so if you want to keep your bags looking like new you may want to treat them. IMO it's a personal preference. As far as shoes/boots go I do wax some of my leather boots when I first get them and occasionally as needed. I live in the mid west so we have 4 distinct seasons so waxing leather is a must esp going into winter with snow/salt. Some of my leather boots/shoes like my keens I don't wax but they are water resistant and I've never had a problem with them so however they treat their leather works very well.
  8. Hey! :worthy: Well, not all of us have a talent for painting. :shucks: So one's gotta do what one's gotta do to maintain really good quality. Seriously though, I will never purchase any bag that can't handle the elements of the weather. It must perform! & BTW, I haven't worn my BV in a torrential downpour but I have worn it in the rain, and it survived like new! :biggrin: That is why I don't believe in treating any of my bags. Bags are meant to be worn not babied. :hugs:
  9. I definitely spray my boots - more so the suede than the leather because they seem more susceptible to damage. I spray some of my more delicate purses that I think might get water damaged. I don't spray them to protect from dirt. Most leather is cleanable.
  10. P.S. - I wasn't even thinking about the INSIDE of a bag - I just got through cleaning the suede interior of a not-new bag and then spraying it with Wilson's TLC Leather and Suede Protector so anything else that might get on the inside will just wipe off. However, it's like 'preaching to the choir' for me to do that, because I don't put anything in my bags that would get the inside of it dirty, and keep my pen in a case, so ...
  11. Most definitely - I use Kiwi Aquastop which is widely available here in the UK. It only costs about £3 a can so is a cheap insurance policy against stains/watermarks/oils from skin etc. I use it on the interiors of my bags, too - both suede and textile - and find not only does it protect them, it also prolongs that yummy 'new leather' smell.
    I spray all my shoes and boots with it too, and regularly nourish footwear and bags alike with Clarks premium leather cream.
  12. I have a white furla which is which leather mixed with brown suede.. I am so afraid to make it dirty but i am afraid protection spray would damage the suede and white as well?
  13. No, mimika, a protection spray that clearly states for leather and suede, such as that made by Wilson's, will NOT damage or discolor the leather.
  14. I'm a big fan of periodically shining my leather shoes with polish but I don't have a leather purse. I think you are supposed to shine your shoes like once a week even if you use them daily. I don't do that really though. :/
  15. is the general consensus here that the best leather protector is Wilson's Leather and Suede Protector?

    Also, how exactly do you spray the bag? Do you just put it offer some newspapers and spray away, or is there a certain technique?