Do you name your bags?

  1. I thought about this as I fell asleep last night- I LOVE my new Ergo- can NOT get enough of her! and I think she needs a name! lol, maybe i'm insane. Does anyone else name their bags? or do you call them by their "given" names like "Ergo" or "Carly", etc...?

    haha you all probably think I'm nuts!:upsidedown:
  2. I used to name my cars haven't named a bag yet though!
  3. I haven't yet named my bags, but I did name my bike. It just needed a name - its a vintage like cruiser and it's pink.

    I have contemplated naming my bags however! But I also have too much spare time....
  4. my daughter usually names mine:roflmfao:
  5. Nope! I love my bag a whole lot, but I draw the line at naming them!!! I also call my bag "it" rather than she - well maybe w/Carly and Ali they'll get Ms. Carly or Ms. Ali , but only 'cause they are already names!
  6. I guess I am weird. I don't name my bags but I do refer to them as "she" and "girls." :shame:
  7. I don't name my bags either, but I do call my Ali, Ali. I refer to my others as my ergo or bleeker or whatever the name of their line is. I never referred to my bags as she until I started reading these posts and got the Ali bug. It just seemed right to refer to Ali as a she, probably because, like donnalynn11 said, Coach already named the bag. ;)