Books & Music Do you monitor what your children are listening to?

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  1. After high school, I worked at Barnes & Noble. They train you in different departments. For a couple days I worked in the music department. and I noticed an open Eminem cd. Someone told me a woman was in earlier returning it. Her son told her when he bought it that there were no swears on it. (If you're familiar with his work, you KNOW that's not true!)

    That got me thinking.

    We talked about kids and the internet.

    (I don't know if we've talked about kids and television or movies yet.)

    But I'm just curious: Do you monitor what your children listen to?

    Do you not let them listen to rap music at all or do you only let them listen to the edited version?
  2. Thankfully my son is too young yet!
  3. My son is desperate for a Snoop Dog CD (he is 9), and I am having a hard time finding an edited version...until I do, he will not be getting one!
  4. I'm 20 and growing up my parents never monitored what my sibblings and I listen to. That goes for all of my friends. It just reaches an age where you cant really stop them IMO.
  5. absolutly
  6. My parents never monitored what I listened to. I've listened to rap and rock with all the swear words since I was a kid but I don't have a potty mouth and I think I'm a pretty well adjusted person! :shrugs: I mean, not all the time, but if something came on, they didn't go crazy and turn it off. I think it just depends on the child and the age too, I guess.
  7. I just went to to find my son a snoop dog CD for X-mas...and although it is "clean", it is obvious what is supposed to be there. And they talk about "rubbers" and other things. Is a "clean" rap CD still too dirty for a 9 year old...what do you think????
  8. my sister doesn't monitor what her oldest daughter listens to.. but i do if i'm babysitting her & her sister. i hear Leana (the oldest daughter) singing along to some songs and hear her say "god damn" or "mother trucker" -- singing along to the words obviously, but i get surprised and ask her, "do you even know what you're saying?(!)" and she responds with, "no, i just sing along.."

    then i ask with, how she knows the words to sing along, and she responds with looking it up online.

    it bothers me that she sings along without really knowing what they mean, however, i am glad that she sings along without really knowing what they mean. lol.
  9. I have a 12 yr. son and he doesn't listen/like rap. But if he did...I wouldn't buy it for him. I mean, if he heard it on the radio then fine...but other than that I wouldn't buy it for him. (Clean/or Reg.)

    Umm, If they're saying "rubbers" on there then....No, I definitely wouldn't buy it. (JMHO:smile: ) Especially for a 9 yr. I'd imagine it would bring up alot of questions...Unless you're ready to answer those type of questions, then that's up to you..

    GOOD LUCK!;)
  10. Actually...Now that I think about it...When my son and I have been in the car and a song comes on the radio and it starts saying some inappropriate/nasty things...I turn it.
  11. I was singing along to Like A Virgin when I was seven! (My parents just chose to not explain to me what that meant!)

    They never really monitored my (or my brother's) music.

    I'm pretty sure if it was over the top violent or mysogonist, they would've said something. (My brother was the Pearl Jam / Guns 'N Roses person and I was the Paula Abdul / Oldies person.)
  12. My mom tried to monitor what I listened to but it never worked. Its just a teen thing. Teens and kids will still find a way to listen to something, even more if the parents object. I know that when my kids get to a certain age they can listen to whatever they want as long as it's not TOO unippropriate. Why? Because i'm a dominant person and I will still be listening to whatever I want in the car. :smile:
  13. My mom never monitored anything I listened to OR read...and she totally should have. I was reading Lindsay Johansen romance novels in the 5th grade and that was WAY too young!

    For the most part I listened to country until around high school but still liked groups like Boys2men and Color Me Bad (I Wanna Sex You Up anyone?). Totally inappropriate and I would never let my kids listen to anything similar.
  14. I do remember once my brother walking around the house humming Back Off, ***** by Guns 'N Roses. My dad told him to knock it off. He didn't tell him to stop listening to that song, he just said stop singing it loudly around the house.
  15. I am a VERY laid back parent. I think because my parents were not. In fact, my parents were pastors so you can imagine what kind of environment I was brought up in. Forbidden to do almost everything, forbidden to listen to almost everything.

    We are very lenient on what my 3yr DD can listen too. However, we are also very picky on what we listen too, so she tends to listen to our music.

    My DH is an ammature DJ, so we listen to A LOT of techno/trance/dance.

    My DD - remember, who is 3 - her favorite music is Madonna! God, she looooooves Madonna!! We can be out and a madonna song will come on and she knows it is Ma dona! LOL

    We also listen to alternative music, but there is hardly any cussing that can be heard in it.

    We will NEVER listen to Rap type music; however, my trashy neighbors do and really loud. And I am ALWAYS hearing the "N" word from that music. Makes me sick.