Do you "model" your LV wallet before buying it?

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  1. Just wondering...when you're buying an LV wallet, do you look in the mirror to see how it looks when you are holding it? (To see if it looks too big or too small or too bright?) Or do you just buy without looking to see how it looks "on"?
  2. I just buy it after seeing how many compartments/slots it has inside. Never thought of modelling with it though!
  3. i don't model but do the same thing elle does. compartments/slots are critical.
  4. I model my wallet with my bag, but I never thought of modeling it with myself. I'm sure some people do.
  5. Ooh, I guess this means my SA is going to think I'm crazy and wondering why I need a mirror to look at a wallet! :nuts: :lol:
  6. yes! i found myself doing this when i was buying the mc cozy trying to decide on the black or white! lol. who would've thought.
  7. I don't think your crazy! It MIGHT be a little crazy if you model an agenda refill to see what set looks best with you, but I think your ok! ;)
  8. No, I don't model wallets and such. The most important criteria for me is CC slots. I bought the Damier Zippy Wallet this week based on the interior. It's great! Looks good with my new Damier Chelsea too.
  9. for my is important that fits my pocket
  10. no I have never modeled wallets. I go just check for how it fits in my purse. Currenty l have the monogram PTI, MC PTI in black and white, and the MC french in white.
  11. i don't model it to see if it looks good on me (i do that at home after i buy it! lol) but i do hold it and see how it feels on my hand. i rarely carry cash around and i don't like bulky wallets so i like wallets that fit comfortably in my little hand. :p
  12. Not really. I usually on the type I am buying prior to my visit to LV and then see which one looks better IRL.
  13. Nope. I just buy whichever ones I like. I don't really even bother with seeing if they'll match my bags or not. :p
  14. No. I don't model wallets. Just buy them if they cute and fit my needs.
  15. haha i just realized that i actually do this! guess i just want to have a feel of what it's going to look like while i'm holding it or something