Do you mix

  1. LV with Coach, etc.?
  2. I do not have any other high end bags. So, no, I cannot mix.
  3. I mix sometimes. I wear my LV bags with lets say my Hermes belt.
    Or my LV wallet with my Dior bag. I have some Coach scarfs which I've never worn...I was thinking on tying one to my Speedy 25. I am just so lazy sometimes.
  4. Yes I do. I mix all the time. I'm currently carrying my MJ MP with LV accessories. That sorta rhymes. haha
  5. i mix everything. in my bag there'll be a Prada wallet, Dior key holder, Dior cell phone case, Burberry iPod case, and Burberry pencil case :lol:.
  6. Yes, I use a Coach cosmetic bag and I use my LV wallet and accessories in whatever bag I happen to use that day. I also use Burberry and Coach scarves on my LV. Whatever looks nice!
  7. certainly, but just never burberry with lv. i dont think that goes.

    but coach with lv= yes
    moms gucci wallet with coach bag= yes

    etc etc
  8. I have to say I don't mix them. I have several coach bags and a really nice wallet, but I always carry my lv wallet with my lv bags. If I didn't have an lv wallet, I would carry the coach.
  9. I use the same LV wallet and cles with any bag. Same goes for my LeSportsac cosmetic bag.
  10. I totally mix, but have to admit, haven't touched any of my coach stuff in at least five years.......I do mix LV with Gucci, Prada, MJ, Tods, Burberry, Chanel, Hermes, etc.......
  11. Yep, I use my coach wallet in my LV bag.
  12. Yep - I don't mix different patterns, but I'll often use a LV mono with a plain leather designer like Chanel or Balenciaga.
  13. i do too!:P although i haven't touched my prada in years.....poor them.... i get this urge that i NEED to buy COACH sometimes and use them a few times....and give them to my cousin.....COACH outlet is evil, and i'm too close to 2 of them!!!:sweatdrop:
  14. I was mixing. But then that was before the Koala came into my life. LOL. I have a beautiful signature Coach French purse, and the smaller signature stripe zipped wallet. I loved how my LV accessories looked in my patchwork Coach hobo, but then it was more because both have golden hardware. My French purse is the Soho style with a HUGE silver buckle...that bothered me more I think. LOL.
  15. OH yeah! I mix. Like today, I used my new Lesportsac Tokidoki bag, LV PTI, Coach Wristlet and Lesportsac Makeup bag.