Do you mix your Coach wristlets????

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  1. Hey all...I was just curious to know if your wristlets are in the same line or do you mix it up.I have just purchased 2 Poppy wristlets from the Outlet..Now I have a very colorful pop in my bag.All 3 of my wristlets happen to be Poppy.So I just wanted to know if you like having a mix of wristlets as well? I don't have a wallet at this time, so they work..I love seeing the color in my bag!!!!:smile:
  2. [​IMG]Just though I'd post a pic..The only one I don't have in my bag is my Gold leather Madison wrsitlet, because the hardware doesn't match my Silver,lol....:P
  3. I am not matchy matchy - I like color inside my bag - the hardware does not matter to me - they look good girl
  4. ;)Thank you...Thats why I got them..I love how some of you mix it up...I do love the color..It makes it easier to know what is in what wristlet...
  5. I only have one wristlet sadly. My wallet was stolen this summer so the wristlet is acting as my wallet. I dont consider myself a matchy matchy girl though.
  6. My wristlets are a clash of colour and collections. I only buy wristlets if they are on clearance, I have a hard time putting my money towards accessoires because it could go towards a bag instead, more bang for your buck in my opinion. I am have a coral and a blue mmf soho wristlet and a pink poppy zip around wristlet wallet. Nothing matches but it does the trick.
  7. They're a mish-mosh of colors, styles, lines.
  8. I have a number of wristlets and I also mix it up inside my purse. I do mix my metals and it doesn't bother me.
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    I have totally different wristlets! I have an MFF sig, a duffle, an alex, a bleecker, 2 hamptons, a chelsea, a madison, and a dooney! But I must add that it must look good with the bag and have matching hardware!
  10. Mine are a total clash as well, the only unifying factor is my love for them. I also only buy wristlets and accessories on sale or at the outlet, IMHO they're ridiculously overpriced, so I just pick up what I love that's a good price. I put whatever I love right now in my bag, and pay no attention at all to collection, hardware, etc., or even if it matches my purse, I just love looking into my bag and seeing all the beautiful colors.
  11. a mix here.. only the hardware must match like I hunted down that black patent poppy wristlet with silver writing on the front and silver hardware to go in my new bag.. other wise color or line don't matter to me :O)
  12. I am OCD and like to have matching accessories for my bags. That doesn't mean I don't mix it up, as some peices I like I don't like the bags that go with. I switch and flip flop a lot of the peices too. I love adding colors to black or brown bags.
  13. I usually prefer either matching or at least coordinating wristlets/wallets in each bag. However, I also love a pop of color, so sometimes I'll use a wristlet/wallet that match each other, but not necessarily the bag. But they do need to somewhat go together - Im a little picky like that!
  14. I am super matchy-matchy so much so that I have sold the accessories that do not go with my bags and I have purchased matching ones..

    Now I do mix styles as long as the color works...
  15. Thats what I'am doing, I love the color...