Do you mix prints?

  1. For instance, if you only have one of each, would you use the pirata wallet with an inferno pouch inside a paradiso bag? I would love to get one of those little pouches to put the little stuff like my makeup and hairbrush, etc., but I am thinking I might want to get it in a print I don't have. Is it done or is it a no-no?
  2. It is done!! I've been using my playground caramella inside my pirata purse. I acutally use it in every purse!! I don't like them to match that way I have a little of each print w/me to enjoy. I think it's a good idea to get one in a print you don't have that way you still have a little piece in that print!! I wish I bought one in foresta b/c that's the only print I'm missing!! When I was using my citta denaro I used that in each of my toki purses. I think it's fun to mix it up!! You should definitely go for it!! :love:
  3. I mix bag and wallet prints all the time! I don't think they need to match.
  4. Thanks, I still don't have anything pirata and am already tempted with the new lines so I am thinking of maybe getting the pirata caramella. Although the pirata seems to be my kids favorite print so I might just have to save up (forego the Starbucks) and get a bag.
  5. I mix my purses and wallet patterns, too. Then if someone doesn't like the pattern of one piece I'm using, I try to sway them over with another.
  6. Good sales tactic!! I :heart: it!!
  7. I have a citta denaro, and nothing else citta. I don't like to be too matchy-matchy. Why only carry one print, when I can carry them all???

    (Or at least a couple)
  8. I would totally mix and match my different pieces. Currently I am obsessed with pirata, so everything is pirata. But I know I will go back to my citta rosa collection soon enough. Go for it!
  9. Yup I do that.

    I use my Green Cammo Denaro and Playground Angioletto together. When you put them in another Toki print bag, they look great!
  10. I'm all about mixing prints! More to look at and enjoy! I'm not into matching and it's more fun with the different characters to look at.
  11. I love mixing prints. I only have one wallet (playground) So I switch that out with all my bags. WHy not represent with more than one print?? :biggrin:
  12. i have the ultimate mix in prints going on in my citta rosa mamma mia right now: i have an original angioletto for my wallet, a forest portotelefono for my sunglass case (which fit perfectly & i love using it for that), & a cammo caramella for misc things in my purse like lotion, napkins, pillbox. i love seeing so much tokidoki whenever i open up my purse.
  13. Wow have the ultimate mix going on...that's :supacool: !!!
  14. I may have to do that too my pirate caramella has been pending with pulse forever now and I called them yesterday to find out if I am still getting one and they said they don't think they will get any more that Lesportsac told them they were sold out . Pulse was supposed to call me back today but they never did.