Do you mix metals?

  1. For some reason, doing this bothers me. All of my MJ bags and ZCs are nickel. The reason I haven't really gravitated toward the gold-toned h/w is that I don't want to blend metals.
  2. I mix metals all the time... Esp now, it's a huge fashion trend so it's ok. It helps too that my watch is both gold and silver toned. These days, I don't think people notice or think it's a faux pas if you're wearing both metals at the same time.
  3. I used to never mix metals either. I either had to be wearing all silver or all gold. Even if the buttons on my shirt or jacket were silver, I felt like my jewelry had to be silver. I don't worry about it anymore. Thithi is right - it's in now to mix metals.
  4. I don't mix because I don't own/wear gold anything...I am allergic to gold :smile: . Nevertheless, if I had it, I'd's fun to mix things up. As they say, you never say 'never' in fashion. :wlae:
  5. Ohhh! Knowing that mixing metals is now *in* helps assuage my phobia...LOL.