Do you mix LV lines?

  1. Was wondering how many of you mix n match your LV lines? For instance a damier handbag with say a mono tote like the neverfull?
  2. I don't mix! The only match I do is my Monogramm wallet, because I hate it to change my wallet every day. I wear it with every line I have of LV (Epi, Vernis Noisette, Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, Mini Lin). But I would never mix 2 bags of different lines, also I never wear a bag charm/clefs in a different line than the bag is (vernis with Mono and so on). I like the classy style, so I don't like if it's "too much"!
  3. I hate changing my wallet everyday. I have been so tourn about to handle this situation.
  4. hehe i think im one big mess...i have to say that i love all designers (mostly gucci and now lv!)

    So like if u open up my noe, u will see my fav gucci wallet, matching gucci pllanner...a chanel credit card case, a chanel phone holder....a coach mini skinny (which i guess ill 'upgrade' to lv when i finnally can get to one, ONE MORE DAY WOHOO) and it (the bag) is kept close with a tiffanys scarf

    haha :smile: too many goodies, not enough time!
  5. I think it's ok to mix as long as it doesn't look too "busy"...
  6. I def. mix everything up. There's one of everythig in my bag at the moment.
  7. I'm using my entire LV collection in my handbag ! lol

    I have a Mono speedy, a cerise cles and a damier card holder.
  8. yes all the time.
  9. i mix things up too. my denim cles goes w/me no matter which bag i'm carrying since i put my keys in there and my damier koala goes also since i don't like changing out my wallet.
  10. I've always preferred a well-rounded collection, so yea, I like to mix and match! :yes: And LV has so many gorgeous stuffs it's hard to stick to only one line. :p
  11. And I just have to say, you have one of the best color combo! I love peeking inside your bags in the "What's inside your LV" thread! :p Love the red and pink color combo! :love: Such a happy sight!
  12. I totally mix my LV's! It is so much fun and makes me feel so excited everytime I open up my bag to see mc clés and mc mirror with mono mini pochette and mono koala wallet...
  13. Well since I only have one wallet (and that's enough for me!) and one mini pochette, I definitely use those in all my bags, regardless of the line.
  14. I mix all the time. I just like opening my bag and seeing different colors & materials in there. If the lining of my bag is red then my wallet, makeup pouch are not and so on.
  15. Nope - never a mixer