Do you mix Black and Brown ..............

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  1. Tan I consider to be a separate color from brown, and IMO tan definitely goes with black. I usually do not mix black and brown unless I just can't avoid it, but then when I went to Paris EVERYONE was wearing black and brown together, which I thought was really interesting.
  2. I really don't mind mixing it if it looks good - depends on the outfit. And I mix tan with black often
  3. I would never wear an entire black outfit with brown shoes but i often will do it with other accents that mix both colours plus other complimentary ones. :yes:
  4. One of my favorite outfits is black pants with a chocolate brown top and a pair of chocolate brown heels. I used to think this was taboo, but it's a really good combination.
  5. IMO I usually don't do it for clothing unless there is some contrast like black and camel. Otherwise I feel too dark for my taste (I won't wear all black either). It can look good with acessories. The shoes in your pic look fine to me paired with a black top... I just don't like chocolate brown with black.
  6. for me there is no taboo - i definitely mix brown and black, and I also mix black and dark blue (oups... haha). it depends on the overall look IMO.

    I also think that these shoes are tan and they would go fine with a black top depending on the rest of the outfit.
  7. Thanks everyone! I ordered the shoes :p
  8. Great shoes! :tup:

    I always mix black and brown too.
  9. YES!

    Of course you can mix black and brown. This thread reminded me of when I was in college (in the early 80's) and I went to Carson Pirie Scott in Chicago and spent some hard-earned waitressing money on a dress for some lovely occasion. I don't remember much else about the dress, but I do remember that it was black and brown. (Black with brown trim or vice-versa.) One of my very fashion-savvy roommates looked at it and said, "Black and brown don't go together." I worried about it for a moment and then thought, if they don't go together, then why was this pricey dress on display in a fine department store? I wore it and loved it for quite a while, and I've mixed black and brown together ever since.
  10. Great shoes. I would wear them with black.
  11. These are more tan, I think they'd look fine with black. Chocolate brown is probably different - it can be done but I think you have to be more careful.
  12. The shoes arrived today!
    I love them, but I bought the wrong size :sad: Luckily NM has lots of sizes so I reordered, hopefully these fit!