Do you mix and match designers?

  1. Hi everyone-

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    I recently listed a Red Dooney Drawstring satchel with a Red Coach Wallet and Red Coach Wristlet and I relisted them together twice with only offers around $100 for the lot.

    I finally listed them (just purse and wallet) separately and the purse already sold with a Buy It Now and the Wallet is going to sell. So I am wondering if the package didn't sell because someone doesn't care about having all three (already had accessories or didn't want/need them) OR if no one wanted to mix -n- match designers.

    Which brings me to my current dilemma. This christmas I got my first LV and first Gucci, but I have no accessories. Now, it took me awhile to FINALLY buy Coach wallets (couldn't justify buying a wallet instead of a new purse), but now the thought of paying $400 for a wallet or god forbid $200 for a Gucci wristlet makes me laugh. That will take me awhile to ease into.

    So, the bottom line. For those of you that own Coach and something else, do you carry your Coach accessories in the "other" bags or do you have accessories to match those purses as well? I just love my Tattersall set and I think I am willing to carry that set (wristlet and makeup bag) in any bag.
  2. Good question. I am currently using my Bleeker checkbook wallet with my Chanel bag. Why? I'm just lazy to match up my wallet and purse. I always tell myself that I will do it tomorrow but I never do. It's a little ghetto but I am just too lazy. :p
  3. Personally, I don't have a problem with mixing designers up. I look at it like this - I don't feel a need to wear a dress and shoes by the same designer and they're both visible all the time, so why do I need to match my wallet and purse?

    That said, although obviously I'm not super matchy-matchy, I tend to prefer neutral wallets that can go with just about anything. I carry around a white legacy slim envelope wallet.

    If you like the wallet/accessories you have right now, go for it! :tup:
  4. my lv accessories go in my coach bags and my coach wallet goes in my lv bag. i find it is too expensive to match everything. kinda makes it look fake too- esp lv i find. personally, i figure they are all in the bag so it doesnt really matter.
  5. I have a fossil wallet because I cant justify spending that much yet. As long as it coordinates than it is fine. However, I did buy myself a mini skinny to use for the moment.
  6. ^^ Amen sister!! My current wallet is a Fossil but I did break down and bought a Coach wallet with PCE, but then my purchases kept adding up so I'm thinking of returning it. I just can't justify spending that much for a wallet I really don't use. I'm thinking of downsizing actually to just a skinny.

    To answer your question, I don't think it's necessary to try to match designers. If the pieces look good together, then go for it!!!
  7. I don't have a problem with it, but for bugs me. I like to have at least my bag and wallet the same brand.

    However, I do have a LeSportsac cosmetic pouch in my purse and that doesn't really bother me.
  8. i equate this to- do u wear a whole outfit from the smae designer/brand? usually u mix it up, right?
  9. I mix it all up. I wear Target Accessories in my Coach Bags and vice versa. I don't stick to any rules. I have a pretty eclectic style. I have four Coach Wallets and I am presently carrying an Isaac Mizrahi for Target Wallet. I just can't see to wear the Coach Wallets right now- they are on break.
  10. I really don't like things to be matchy-matchy. Brands aren't important to me as long as they at least color-coordinate. I like a dark wallet that I can change from bag to bag, and I often carry a Coach wallet inside my LV bags. I do not yet have an LV wallet, and cannot currently justify the expense when I have other wallets which coordinate and do the job.
  11. I am weird...I actually like my accessories to match each other but not necessarily the bag. I need to get over it!!!
    I have found on eBay that when you group stuff frequently you don't do as well. I think its because if folks are looking for a given bag they many not want the wallet thus won't really bid any more then they wanted to spend to begin with...
  12. I have eclectic taste so matchy matchy is way too stiff and forced for me. I love Coach bags but my wallet is an LV mono zippy. So, LV wallet goes in my Coach bags all the time. Doesn't match? Who cares!
  13. I mix it up. I have only have 1 wallet (coach) and I transfer it to the purse I use. I have wristlets too that I use as a wallet if the purse isn't big. IMO wallets are kinda pricey and I would rather spend the money on a purse.
  14. It wouldn't bother me too much, I think the problem is just the group itself.. anytime there are group items on eBay I just don't think generally you get as much for them. Part of the problem could be the matching thing, and the other could be that people don't need or want the accessories. :yes:
  15. I personally love buying matching sets like the one you listed... but mostly because I can get a really good deal on them vs. buying them individually.

    For things like accessories I like sets, but I don't necessarily match them to a purse unless I make a conscious effort (not likely). I also rarely switch out my wallet... after writing this all down, I'm wondering why I'm so obessed with buying matching sets now. lol

    The whole mixing designers idea really doesn't bother me at all. As long as everything coordinates well.