Do you miss your dog when you're on vacation?

  1. We've been gone 2 weeks now and I miss her terribly. We went for a great hike yesterday around the frozen lake and I'm so used to walking her it was like somebody was missing from the family. :sad: My DH thinks I'm crazy but the kids agree.

    She is at home in our house with a housesitter and I know she is getting her walks, care and exercise but I just miss her cute little face and how much she loves us!
  2. I miss my girls terribly when we are gone!!! Which is about every 6-8 weeks!! I always call and leave them a message mid trip...(SAD) I know...but I swear they can hear my voice!!
    Enjoy your trip!! They will be running to the door the minute you open it when you get home! AND if you are anything like me you will be running to get in the door!
  3. Yep! I am going on business travel Monday thru Thursday and I am horrified to admit I will miss my doggies more than I will miss my DH. I am for sure going to hell for this..
  4. I'll buy you a drink in hell Irishgal!
  5. Where are you right now? (and where do you come from in WI? I grew up by Milwaukee).

    I miss my pups like crazy. Expecially the older one who is having some issues. They always get so excited when we return. It takes about an hour for them to calm down!! lol!!!!!
  6. I miss my 3 cats, hahaha
  7. I don't take vacations without my two little Chihuahuas...I just know that I would miss them too much! :smile:

    I am alittle nervous for my honeymoon with SO b/c we won't be bringing our babies with us on that *obviously!!LOL*!!

    The only time I have ever gone overnight without my fur kids is last New Year's Eve night when I went to the CA sand dunes with SO...and even one night away was hard!

    Sigh...I am alittle obsessed!! :smile:
  8. I miss my pups too!
  9. I always miss my bunny, even when I'm at work! When I went away for a week and a half, the first thing I wanted to do was see my bunny when I got home! My bf knew this, so he surprised me by bringing him to the airport! People think I'm crazy but I know you guys understand.
  10. I miss 'em like crazy! More than I miss my FI - if he's not with me. I think it is because I can talk to him on the phone and he knows I'm coming back. poor pups don't know where I am, if I'm coming back and I can't really talk to them on the phone!
  11. My husband and I will only go on vacation and leave our dogs if we can leave them with my mom and dad. Otherwise, we won't do it!! This means we drive five hours to Chicago (where the dogs "Grandma and Grandpa" live) and fly out of O'Hare whenever we vacation anywhere. So - yes - I am completely in love with my dogs and totally obsessed AND I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!
  12. More than anything, I look forward to coming home to see Jackson and the cats
  13. Always!! sometimes, we alter our return times to get them out of the kennel earlier. We've never had someone come to our house.
  14. Absolutely!!!

    My mother house sits if we go out of town, and often I am worried sick thinking about how things at home are going!!
  15. I miss my babies at yes, very much.