Do you miss your Bal Bag, when you carry another?

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  1. I don't carry any other brand of bags anymore and haven't for some time since I have started to enjoy Bals. I quit carrying any other because I found I missed my Bal leather addiction on my shoulder too much. There hasn't been another kind that I enjoy carrying, feeling and smelling, as much as Bals. Do you find this to be true for you too? If I could carry all of them (styles and colors) at the same time I almost would.....LOL :lol:

    I like them so much that I even miss the ones that I have to leave at home when carrying just one Bal. Crazy huh!!?:P
  2. yes, I do! I do have a couple of other brands bags that I still like but I always rotate them with the my bals. That way I don't go more than a couple of days with out going into bal withdrawl. Usually after using one of my other bags, I realize just how much I love my bals! so you are not alone.
  3. Yes I do! For this reason I only have two bags that aren't Bal. One of them I only keep because I use it for travelling as it's a great carry-on; big and sturdy.
  4. me too...i had a BaleNCIAGA CRISIS 3 months ago and i bought chanel and fendi (ssst don't tell anyone :blush:) but i didn't feel the same love...i didn't have the fun of choosing leather, so i sold them within a month ( i only have a chloe python paraty on my mind sometimes :sneaky: but i am trying to dismiss it from my mind ) i only have bbags:love:
  5. Yes, and I rarely use anything else now.

    DH was in my closet and asked why I had all "those other" brands of bags mingling with my Bals. Good question!
  6. Oh yes, I feel the same way everytime I rotate to my other brands. But I think the feeling of missing it is good so you don't get tired of the same brand & you keep the craving & love for your Bbags more. I use my Bbag more & enjoy them more, though.

  7. I don't think I can get tired of Bals. Just like today, I had to go to about 6 different stores all over town and was so happy carrying my Bal. It just always makes my day!:P
  8. absolutely - to the point that I consider another brand for about three and a half seconds, then think, I know myself better than that. Why waste my time and money? I know what I love...

  9. I very often miss my Bals when I don't carry them!

    I do have many leather Coach bags that I love (Legacy bags, Maggie, Pleated Ergo Satchel, Parker Hippies), and I alternate between those and my Bals. That being said, there's nothing like soft, scrumptious Balenciaga leather!
  10. Get this- all my Bals are at home in California so I live AWAY from my Bals when I'm at school in Ohio! Right now I miss them so bad!! :sad:
  11. I feel for you. :cry: Maybe take pictures of them so when you are not with them or at least carry a Bal wallet.
  12. I haven't carried any of my other bags since I started with the Bals. I still have them, but just never use them. I love my Bals so much more and also feel that I need to use them and using a different brand of bag would make me feel like I didn't need so many Bals...and I don't want to go there! Not now, not ever!
  13. YES! all the time...!!! :blush:
  14. I think Bbags are very comfy, I have two chloe bags, which I love the smell of, but I don't wear them much, just for trips as they carry more.
    Bbags are very easy as they are light and I actually think they are strangely durable so I don't feel I have to baby them too much.
  15. Actually, I don't miss my Bals when I'm wearing something else. I like the other bags in my collection, and these bags, like my Bals, serve my different moods and whims.