Do you miss the tassels?

  1. I was just wondering those of you who had RH bags and now have a GH bag - do you miss the tassels? :crybaby: They seem such a part of a bbag that I can't imagine not having them. One of the reasons I haven't gone to the GH side... :yes:
  2. I guess it's something different. Some people like the tassels on RH bags and some people don't. Some people pull them too hard when opening the zipper and they snap! They split too after some time.

    It's a part of B bags because the first release of B bags came with the tassels.

    I kinda like the leather tab pull on GH although I don't like the gigantic studs. Too overbearing IMO.
  3. I think the GH is a more mature look so not having the tassels makes sense to me. I absolutely love my GGH Day, I get happy carrying it! That doesn't mean I don't love the tassels when I wear the RH bags I have. They're both different stylings and beautiful ones! I love all of my Balenciaga babies equally!
  4. I'm looking forward to getting a GH bag without tassels. With the exception of the First (which I really can't imagine being as cool without tassels!) the look is getting a little old IMHO...!

    Also, the tassels sort of get it the way often times.
  5. ^^ yes!! i often sit on them when getting into cabs!

    am terrified of pulling on the bag one day with my butt still planted on the tassels - and snapping them clean off

    have resorted to holding the bag up high at armpit level when slipping in and out of vehicles. not too ladylike!
  6. I :heart: the tassels! I don't own any GH bags, but I always miss the tassels when I'm carrying a non-bbag.
  7. 1 of the reasons i dont like GH because it doesnt come with tassels ;) so i'll miss those for sure
  8. My mom doesn't like the tassels! She thinks they are irritating because they sway and are so long , they get in the way most of the time. But for me, I'm fine with anything, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the LE Magenta SGH that will be coming my way (I've heard so much bad stuff about the new bbags, my marine blue looks like it's fading but that's due to the sun exposure not when i bought it because it looked so FAB when i first saw it!) I hope it'll be good seriously don't wanna be disappointed because I'll be paying a hell lot plus tax. :crybaby:
  9. The tassels are not really my style ahh !Oh Mon dieu ! It's a sin! I never liked the GH bags until I had one and now I think that is what I like! The GhHbags are dressy and fit my lifestyle better.
  10. I'm not a fan of the tassels. I have one RH bag and all the rest are GH. I prefer the smaller hardware on some styles like the new step, but don't really love the tassels.
  11. I had carried the GH Day for a couple of months before I got my LE Magenta RH ... I didn't realize that I missed the tassels until I got them back. Now it's like a novelty to have them, swinging in the wind. ;)
  12. i actually really like the GH without tassles. it gives it a much cleaner look with the huge hardware. i do however prefer the work style over the city because of it having one less pair of tassles.
  13. In ways I miss the tassels, but agree with those that think the GH bbags look good without them. I do think the tassels make my Balenciaga bags stand out/and differ from other bags, but the GH has that same affect IMO.
  14. Fayden: One of the few GH bags I really loved and thought about getting is your SGH violet bag - that one looks so hot!!!
    I'm also scared they're too heavy! :shrugs:
  15. I dont miss them at all. I am not a fan of them.