do you miss home?

  1. Alot of us have been born and raised at some state or country...
    but now live and love in another part of the world...
    Do you sometimes miss what used to be home?
    I know I do...
    specially now that I just came from a long vacation in the Philippines.
    I enjoyed every moment of it, being with relatives and old friends.
    and not to forget...
    the food! the everything is cheap!!! :P
    whole body massage at a posh spa... 20$:girlsigh: :love:
    I could go on and on...! :shame:
    just love it there!:yahoo:
  2. I love living in Holland but am really starting to miss my home (Melbourne, Australia). Hopefully we'll get to move back in a couple of years.

    I miss:
    My family & friends
    Decent take-away coffee
    Poached eggs
    Daily newspaper
    Caramello Koalas
    Pecks Paste
    After work cocktails
    Driving on the left-side of the road.
  3. I miss the food and weather in the Philippines!!
  4. i just miss the food, not the weather though. :lol:
  5. I am originally from Chicago and I miss ALOT.

    Having four seasons
    snow storms
    thunder storms
    Navy Pier
    big city/skyscrapers
    fast talkers (people in Oregon talk soooo slllooooww)
    the lake
    going to UIC (university of illinois at chicago)
    the "L"

    I could go on and on but I really need to go back to stuffing invoices!
  6. Once in a while I get home sick because my whole family is there. But, since I've spent almost half of my life living abroad and on my own (well, now I'm married), I easily get over the home sickness after talking on the telephone with my family!

    I think I'll actually need to adjust quite a bit and get a culture shock ifever I do decide to move back home.
  7. I miss San francisco:

    My car
    My house
    Jogging around the beach
    Having no seasons... LOL
    Family definitely

    I don't think i'm moving back though, I usually visit 4-5 times a year but haven't this year so i'm really wanting to visit right now.
  8. I miss SF too :crybaby:Miss my family, friends, and most importantly I miss the weather.
  9. I'm going to move far away from home and I'm worried about really missing it. I am very close to my parents and we're all each other have, since I'm an only child and we don't have any family in this country. I'm going to have to find coco-nut or jag and make them my new mom!
  10. I was raised in LA and I TOTALLY MISS IT. I miss it so much that I'm moving back home in one month!! I cannot wait!! :wlae:

    But yea, I was just in the Philippines too and I feel you on the EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP!!! I hate the heat there but I sure do love visiting my family there since all I do is shop & go get myself pampered! :tender:
  11. We're totally opposite! I totally dislike the weather here in SF & I :heart: the weather in LA/OC. :P
  12. I miss home (the US).:crybaby: I only get to see my family about once a year and it's pretty tough - since I have always been really close with them.

    I also miss being able to go to the mall, shopping, etc until late. Things in Brisbane close so much earlier (except on Thursdays).
  13. :yes: Ditto on the heat!!!:biggrin:
  14. i'm from Malaysia, and right now i live in Buffalo, NY

    i do miss home, but right now i have no desire whatsoever to set foot in that place. i'm graduating in December, and after that i plan to get a job here, so i know i won't be able to go home for at least 2 years, which is fine with me. in fact, i don't plan to go back there at all for at least another 5 to 10 years :P.

    the only things i miss about home are my family and the food :yes:. other than that, i don't miss anything else about it. the weather there is :censor: hot and humid all year round, which was why i hated going home the past 2 summers, and there's so much noise and polution and the drivers are so bad it drives one nuts
  15. Aww, Cal!:crybaby:I'm in Vic and the things you mention make me realise I take stuff for granted. I mean, I have Caramello Koalas in my pantry!!! You want??? I can always send you some packets! Seriously. Or anything else you might need from here! Uh.. although.. I've never heard of Pecks Paste. I did a Google search and found out what it was! Anchovy paste??? LOL!