Do you message buyer with shipping info?

I almost always message the winning bidder of my items, thank them for their quick payment, say the item was shipped, what method I used, and provide the delivery confirmation #.

I recently forgot to email a buyer. She purchased a t-shirt from me in the a.m., and I shipped that afternoon using Priority Mail. She got the item in 2 days, but sent me a message saying that I was rude not to provide her with shipping info and that although she liked the dress, she would leave me negative feedback due to my lack of communication (though she never messaged me for shipping info- I ALWAYS respond to my messages). But honestly, she received it TWO DAYS after she paid for it, and she likes the dress. Is that really a cause for a negative?

Then I realized that about 95% of the time, as a buyer, I don't receive any contact from the seller regarding shipment (or at all). I'll contact them if it gets to be a week later and I have no item. Do you think I'm being unreasonable for being upset? As sellers, do you always inform the buyer of shipment? And as buyers, do you get upset if a seller doesn't immediately message you with shipping info? Sorry this was so long, and thanks for letting me rant!


Oct 1, 2007
To be honest, I have NEVER contacted buyers to inform them of shipment (although I probably's a nice gesture.) However, I don't think it's a necessity and buyers shouldn't expect sellers to hold their hand through the entire process. Your job as a seller is to get the item to the buyer within reasonable time and in the condition it was stated in the listing. Most buyers just e-mail me if they want to know when to expect the package and whether or not I have sent it. Your buyer seems really unreasonable. I'm sorry you got a bad one, but as most of us know there are just some crazies on eBAy and they're just unavoidable sometimes. If she leaves you a negative, I would to the same for her and explain how you sent the item in 2 days plus she likes the dress!!!


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
What a crazy buyer. Did she pay via paypal? If you print postage from your computer, paypal will automatically send the buyer an email with the tracking info. That's what I do with all my packages that are paid for via paypal.

Quite frankly, I would tell her that the negative feedback is unwarranted and she is being unreasonable. Receiving something in 2 days is amazing. I would file with Square Trade to have the FB removed if she still left something negative.


Mar 28, 2006
I always contact the buyer to say I've received their payment and will email them again with shipping details. Then I email them tracking numbers after I ship. But I am talking expensive stuff.

I always ask the seller to provide me with shipping details when I pay as well.

If it's a cheap item, I wouldn't be upset, but I recently bought an expensive piece of jewelry and heard nothing from the seller -- it just appeared at the door several days later. I have to admit, I was beginning to worry by then.


Mar 2, 2007
While I do it about 90% of the time (automatically through PayPal), if PP shipping is down when I need to ship, or if for some other reason I don't use PP shipping, I don't always remember to email the person with the "tracking" information.

That bidder sounds really unreasonable to me; it's not "rude" not to give shipping notifications, jeez, this is eBay. MOST sellers don't provide that info unless asked (and even then half of them don't), especially on items that aren't particularly expensive. As was said earlier: "It's a NICE GESTURE", not a requirement! She's up in arms over a t-shirt?! I'd block her just on principle.

If she does end up leaving you a neg, I think other future buyers will be able to see that she's clearly a jerk and has probably left unreasonable negs for other sellers in the past. It shouldn't hurt you too much, even though it IS unfair!


Princess Grace Ave
Jul 17, 2006
I always send out the tracking number so they are aware. I appreciate when a seller does the same. I would say more often than not, I receive tracking from my sellers.

I am miffed why this buyer would leave you a neg. I would email her and really try and find the real reason. Sounds like other issues on her part. Totally unwarranted.
You guys made me feel so much better! I'd just always assumed it was a nice gesture too, and never something I expect as a buyer (although it's greatly appreciated!), but then started questioning whether it was standard because I've forgotten (very) few times in the past and received messages saying "I haven't heard from you about shipping yet. Please respond ASAP." I always ship Priority Mail so they shouldn't have to wait that long even if I do forget to message them.

Fortunately, I emailed her and she responded saying that she would just rather leave no feedback at all (which I'm definitely ok with!) because I think she was afraid I would leave negative as well. Oh, I also meant to put dress (she wasn't going crazy over a t-shirt haha!). It was a Diane von Furstenberg dress so maybe she got nervous. Anyway, I'm glad it wasn't just me thinking she's wacko, and glad to hear it's just seen as a kind gesture. Thanks girls!


Working Canvas
Aug 2, 2006
I always do, because that is what I would want for myself... to get the information that the item was shipped.

Many of the sellers I use do not communicate. I really hate that. It's kind of lazy, although if it is a power seller, I can understand that they are very busy. If they are not a power seller, they have no excuse.
I don't think it's lazy. Sometimes people forget or miss one- I sent about 8 items on the same day but only emailed 7 buyers. The one I forgot to email got mad. I email the buyer 99% of the time, but we're all human- we get caught up in other things and forget. I think if the seller doesn't provide details but the buyer really wants them, they should email and say they would like to be notified when the item was sent.


Mar 2, 2006
I always let the buyer know when I shipped the item so they aren't wondering. I like it when sellers let me know the whereabouts of my item so I extend the same courtesy to my buyers.
It's kind of funny though, I send the invoice to the buyer, then email them when I ship the item and ask that they let me know when they receive it...yet I still have a 4.9 in my stars for "communication."


Mar 2, 2006
^Lol seriously. Even more annoying is that on my "shipping time" I have 4.8...I usually mail items out the day after I get their payment. So um I hope they don't think I'm responsible for how long it takes to actually GET to them, if they choose media mail and it takes the full 9 days, that's the PO's doing, not mine. :rolleyes:
And on "shipping charges," I have a 4.9 even though I charge them LESS than what it actually costs when I get there (for example, if I'm sending a magazine in one of the $4.60 flat rate envelopes, I'll only charge $3). Argh.