do you match????

  1. do you match the hardware of ur wallet,wristlet with the bag???
  2. The thought never even crosses my mind. My daily wallet only has one tiny silver zipper, and it's on the inside, so it never clashes with my bags. Also, I am much too lazy to change wallets:p.
  3. My wallet does not match my purses.. because I change my purses way to often.. and my wallet is just to much of a hassle to take out all the cards and papers in it each time I decide to carry a different bag. xD
  4. Right now I do, just because most of the Coach pieces I own have brass hardware. I don't really mind if it doesn't all match, though.

    The only thing that would bug me is putting a charm with silver hardware on a bag with brass and vice versa.
  5. I don't intentionally try to match
  6. I actually like the variety of having different pieces...I just make sure they don't clash!
  7. Maybe on accident, but I dont usually match that often lol.
  8. My wallets always match my bags.
  9. I also always match my bags and my wallets. Sometimes I get a wristlet for my make up that has to match too. I would probably have a lot more purses if I didn't feel the need to match everything!!!
  10. I don't worry about matching the hardware. Nickel and brass play well together!!
  11. I TRY to match the wallet to my bag, but I ONLY buy ONE wallet in each color/material AS NEEDED....for example if I have a black siggy bag, I want a black siggy wallet, new Carly needed a chocolate leather wallet to match her b/c I didnt have a chocolate leather wallet...the fact that she had brass hardware was a BONUS, but I wouldnt have cared if she had nickel me, it's more the color of the bag I try to match than the hardware! I do agree w/ one of the above posters that my charm hardware HAS to match the hardware on the bag though!! :p
  12. Not really, I like to , but I just don't want to pay the prices to match each wallet and more than that I am not going to switch out all the junk in my wallet everytime I want to grab a different bag... what a pain!!!
  13. Nope, I never worry about matching the hardware :nogood:
  14. Hardware no, its just not something I notice, but I like having a mini and wristlet to match/compliment the bag I'm carrying...
  15. Yep but I am obsessed like that/