Do you match yout toki bags with your outfit?

  1. Just wondering......since toki bags are pretty colourful with many cute characters, do you mainly wear plain clothes when using toki bags? Or will it look good with clothes with patterns eg. flowers, etc? TIA
  2. nope never!
  3. I've always worn pretty plain clothes (which is why its so surprising that I love toki) but I've started paying more attention to what colors I wear so I can wear complimentary toki, and I love to layer colored tanks that look good together with all the colors... I'm not big on crazy patterned stuff with the toki because I think it clashes..

  4. Yeah exactly, I love layering different colored tanktops, too bad it's gonna be too hot for more than 1 layer. :lol:
    I also hate patterns and flowers and all sorts of drawings on my clothes, I only like the ones with things I really adore, like Snoopy and Hello Kitty and Tokidoki of course.

    When wearing my tokidoki I rather wear solid colors, or colors that compliment it, but since it's so colorful anyway- anything goes.
    I mean look at bubblesung, she mixes a ton of colors and different patterns and she rawks it, guess it's a matter of personality and knowing how to mix and match. :rochard:
  5. I wear mostly solid color clothing. So not an issue with me when I carry my tokis. I think thats why I love them so much....I love loud wild prints but not directly on my body! So, I just color coordinate usually...but thats not a problem because usually toki has like every color imaginable!
  6. Yeah, what she said!

    I hink that Paradiso looks especially nice with denim. I wear a lot of blue shirts of all colors (and I'm always wearing jeans) so Paradiso went from being a print I thought I'd never own, to one of my favorites!!
  7. I don't try to match stuff, I just try to make sure it doesn't clash. If my outfit has a lot of color in it already sometimes I switch to Adios Star to tone it down a little bit. Alot of time I wear print shoes and stuff too... I don't worry about those too much though.
  8. I agree, so far i've never purposely match my clothes with toki bags, and they dont clash too. I think toki bags can go with most clothing and doesnt really need matching.
  9. I use my Ciao bag on the weekends, so pretty much anything goes! LOL (and I'm still waiting for my first comment on my bag!):wtf:
  10. When I go to work/preschool, I don't match it because there's no sense... that's just extra work having to switch out bags every morning or night! On the weekends, if I do go out (I'm a reeeeeeeal homebody), I wear solid colors instead of prints if I'm using a tokidoki bag. Prints on clothing and then all over your bag is major overkill. If I wear prints, I use my Coach bags. So... I haven't worn prints out in a long time. *lol* It works out, though, because I prefer solids to prints because they tend to be more flattering in my huge boobies area (not stretching a pattern out). *lol*
  11. yeah me too..I don't wear patterns because of MY body....I enjoy seeing them on other bodies that look good!

    Pattygoody...where is your bag? I want to see, I want to see...where is it? so you returned your huge ciao ciao?
  12. i kinda match my tokis to what i wear...i mostly use toki shirts so it matches anyway haha
  13. yeah, that makes it easy Jess...I'd buy a tee in a minute if I thought it would fit me.....esp. the one w/lattes on the back! Can't find it lately though....I think BW said its a mens tee?
  14. the one with the lattes on the back...isnt that the yellow mozarella tee? they have that in girls eh? i could be wrong..i never bought that one..idk why lol.
  15. i don't take the time to coordinate my outfit with my bags.. i pick my outfit first then i just choose a random bag to carry, lol :smile: i also wear lots of solid colors like many of you so i don't think there's much problem with clashing of colors.