Do you match your shoes to your purse?

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  1. I've always believed that your shoes should match your purse, but lately I find myself matching my shoes to my shirt and my purse to my other accessories or pants.

    What do you all think?
  2. I used to but sheesh who has the time anymore? I guess I'm more concious of it if I'm dressed to the nines....
  3. I try to match my purse to my outfit, not necessarily my shoes per se...but in same color family as my outfit (as long as it is a casual outfit). Like if I wear a blue dress and brown shoes I'm likely to wear a blue bag with brown my dooney and burke (it is a nice dark blue with chocolate brown handles...not juvenile printed;) I won't necessarily match the bag to the shoes but I will try to stay in the color family. Now, if it is evening wear though...that is when I will definitely match the bag and shoes exact colors. Like if I wear gold shoes...I have to have a gold bag. :smile:
  4. Never! Too 1960's! Blecchh!
  5. No, not usually. I don't match, I coordinate.
  6. Not always!
    Lov2shop:60's are OK!!!!:crybaby:
  7. I do that to :yes:
  8. me too! not into matchey matchey
  9. It's not too hard to match with black, but different shades of brown it can be a little harder. I usually try to partially coordinate with how dressy/casual my outfit is with a purse.
  10. Sometimes I try to make sure theyre in the same color family, but I dont have to time to change every purse & every shoe.
  11. I coordinate mine as well. :yes:
  12. no belt matches the shoes
    pants match socks
    and handbag works the outfit :smile:
  13. Not usually, as I normally wear fairly neutral shoes/boots and characterful bags.

    However, I'm not totally against it. I have some silver JC Grecian sandals that look great with my silver mesh Chloe bag. Also, I have a beautiful pair of D&G green and gold sandals that co-ordinate perfectly with my black, green and gold Chloe clutch. :yes:

    What I will rarely, if ever, do is to wear the same designer, style and colour for both. For example, if I had a Paddy (which I don't), I would never wear it with a pair of Paddington Boots - way too predictable, IMO.
  14. I have mostly black shoes so any of my bags go just fine. I too don't like being matchy-matchy.

    However, I won't carry my burgundy bag when I wear my red boots (!) and I would never carry a black bag with brown shoes - I'd choose anything but a black bag for that.
  15. Used to.. but not anymore..

    It's cheesy nowadays.. Imagine you have a red bag and a red shoes... It can be too much...

    Now I just want to showcase one of my item... if I had a red bag.. then everything else can be one color neutral...

    But that depends though... If it's like a neutral color.. brown and brown... it's ok... That's my opinion!
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