Do you match your purse with your work bag?

  1. I've been agonizing over the new Legacy bags all week and there is only one thing keeping me from ordering the shoulder bag: I don't have a work tote to match it. Am I nuts? Every day when I go to work I carry my purse along with a larger tote bag to carry lunch, shoes and other daily necessities. I have a thing about my purse and tote matching. It doesn't have to be an exact match (from the same collection) but it must be the same color, similar material and same color hardware. I don't have anything that has brass hardware or anything that will even come close to coordinating with the new Legacy bags.

    Is it tacky to carry two bags at the same time that don't match/coordinate or am I being neurotic? I'd love to hear what others do!
  2. if you choose a neutral bag, a neutral color, i think it wouldnt matter.
  3. ^^ ITA. My work bag is my laptop briefcase and I got it in black so it will go with just about all my bags.
  4. I don't change my work bag as often as I change my they don't normally match...but I think they always look fine together.
  5. For me, I contrast with them. I'm looking at the stripes more then the leather and the embossed to go with my messenger..that actually came in..and i wasnt here to sign for it.. :sad: so I don't match as in same color, same hardware, same fabric, but I think contrasting makes each other pop tastefully.
  6. I am looking at that Legacy bag. It's a good one.

    Right now, I'm using an D & B Crest bag for work and I'm carrying a Gucci handbag this week. I change my handbags quite a bit but I'm harder on my work bags, so I don't spend as much on them.
  7. I've never thought of that, but if I did carry both a tote and a purse to work I think I'd either want them to complement or really contrast, like others have said.
  8. I don't carry a purse to work, my coach work tote carries all I need, and i pop my wristlet in there with what I need if I need to pop out of the office during the day...