Do you match your outfit with your LV babies when you go out??

  1. I DO IT ALL THE TIME :yahoo:

    yesterday night i have spent nearly 20 mins to think which vuitton bag I should use when going out to dinner with my parents ... and i think my dad was getting really impatient :nogood:

    LOL ~~!
  2. by the way.. i was wearing jeans and heels last night, with my white MC pochette :heart:
  3. lol..i usually match my outfit TO my bag. I would sit in front of my bag closet and say, "Which bag do I wear tonight"...then once I have it picked..I look at my closet to see what would look good with it! Then if I can't make up my mind,I'll call my bf and ask him which bag I should use...and go from there..crazy yup!
  4. Sometimes I'll decide whoch bag I want to carry and THEN I'll have to find an outfit that coordinates with the bag :yes:

    As much as DH "gets" that I love my handbags...this he doesn't understand!
  5. Well, I pretty much just go with the basics. If I have black in my outfit, I can go with my black Segur or a mono bag. If I have pink in my outfit, I can use my pink Trapeze or pink CB pochette. If I have light colours in my outfit, I'd go with vanilla Jasmin. Anything else, I just grab a mono or damier bag...I don't spend that much time matching or thinking about matching my bag to my outfit.
  6. i think it is fun to stand in front of the mirror... and spread all my bags on the floor.. and choose which one looks the best with your outfit... :lol::lol:
  7. i put the bag to my outfit...
  8. im occasionally guilty!
  9. Hehe, I pick the outfit first then the bag...and that's baaaaaaaaad, cos that gives me more reasons to need another bag to go with it...
  10. Considering I only have one LV bag, I guess no, lol
  11. I do that every time....
  12. Depends on where I'm going. Sometimes I match an outfit to a bag , specialy if it's anew bag. Other times I match the bag to the outfit.
  13. Yes, I do attempt to match the bag to my outfit. My nail polish always matches my outfits, and if necessary, I will tie a scarf on my bag to match the outfit. However, this is just my personality.
  14. Sometimes I pick a bag based on the outfit and other times if I want to use a particular one then I'll tailor my outfit to match. Esp. trying to find shoes that match...ah yes, what fun!
  15. I often decide wich bag I want to use and then choose the clothes with it!