Do you match your jewelry to your bag's hardware?


Apr 28, 2006
Do you feel that you need to match the hardware on your Birkin, Kelly, Bolide, Trim, Evelyn, Constance,..etc. to the jewelry you are wearing?
I've been having this dilemma for a long time. If your Chanel coat has silver buttons does it look better with a bag that has palladium hardware? Help!:unsure:


Feb 28, 2006
I think it's a nice touch but not necessary. I only wear silver/platinum jewelry but carry LV bags that only come with gold HW and it works fine.
I do tend to prefer palladium in H bags because it's so bright, shiny and sparkly!


Mar 9, 2006
That is all a matter of preference. I have tao say when I am in one of those "anal" modes I may have to have them match. It is so pleasing to have it all coordinate, but I don't think it is necessary at all. I think it is more important to have the actual bag look better with the outfit than the hardware choice.
The best thing is to have to very classic bags in two different hardware colors and then you can never go wrong!


Which bag to buy today?
Mar 27, 2006
I've been craving for a birkin with gold hardware lately! Only coz I bought this cute Juicy Couture Cherry enamel charm, hehe.. My kelly and birkin have pall h/w, and I don't have any other bags to put this cute charm..


Feb 28, 2007
Hi all. I adore yellow gold jewelry and would prefer a bag with gold-toned hardware. Ideally Hermes orange color with gold hardware. The problem is that most of the Kellys and Birkins that I see have the silver/palladium hardware.

How do you think it looks when someone is wearing yellow gold earrings, rings, watch and then bag with silver hardware?

Should I hold out for gold hardware or go for the more readily available silver?

Thank you, and hugs to you all.


Mar 2, 2007
I don't think it's really a matter of clashing, just your personal preference. I wear almost only silver-toned jewelry, with the exception of one pair of diamond earrings set in gold, but I do have bags with gold hardware too.

The short answer from me is that a Hermes bag is too important an investment to compromise on something that you know is very important to you and your lifestyle--in this case, gold hardware.


Bolduc Ribbon Girl
Apr 30, 2007
Hi Cowbell, I don't think it matters. It's like the white shoes after Memorial Day/dark shoes after Labor Day "rule"--many people have abandoned those fashion "rules" and started doing their own thing. Personally, I love the white metals--but I would still carry a bag with GH.
However, I do agree with Cynthia--Hermes bags are huge investments, I would want a bag with PH hardware. (but you can still mix your metals).


Aug 3, 2007
I'm so glad someone asked this question....I was faced with this dilemma last evening. I had on all white gold jewelry but the Kelly bag had gold hardware. I see others do it but I'm sort of like Rockerchic....somehow I don't feel just right!:confused1:


Sep 1, 2006
Used to be that way, too, Ladies. I had mostly pall h/w because it went with my platinum/white gold jewelry which is what I've mostly worn over the last few years.

Then ShopMom talked some sense into me in NYC:noggin:and I came away with a different point of view....

So, several bags ago:PI started ending up with gold h/w. It wasn't something I ordered, it was something I bought because it came on the bag I wanted and I wasn't going to turn the bag down just because of the h/w. And if the little feeling of the hardware not matching slipped into my psyche, I remembered ShopMom's advice:lecture:

Now, I have about half and half.....and I don't pay too much attention to whether it matches or not. OR I slip on a gold ring when I'm wearing my gold h/w bags and white gold when I'm wearing palladium h/w bags if I feel I must wear SOMETHING to match.