Do you match your bags...

  1. to your outfits? or do you work with your outfit to match your bag??? :amuse:

    If my bag is new, then I will wear outfits to match the bag. Otherwise, its vice versa :yes:

    How bout you ladies and gents?
  2. ^^^^^^same here!:P
  3. Me too!:yes:
  4. Oh good. I am not alone! I thought I was a dork for doing that - lol!
  5. ditto!
  6. I definitely do. Can't wear a red bag and a green sweater at the same time. Not pretty.
  7. I shop for clothes to match my bags.:smile:
  8. Everything has to match as a whole. If it matches and looks right, off I go!
  9. Absolutely, my Hubby thinks I'm crazy.
  10. Of course, otherwise the outfit just doesn't look right. Thank goodness for black bags :biggrin:
  11. It depends! If I want to wear a certain bag and it's, for example, brown, I would try and work around that color. But if I don't care what I wear (just something to go to the mall with), I'd grab a bag that works with my casual outfit.
  12. Well, my sister and mom think I am nuts when I try to look for clothes to match my bags as opposed to just grabbing a bag to work with my outfit!
  13. Ummm....I match my bags to the "event" of the day school= wearing batignolleH, and usually my clothes are just......(how can I put ....everywhere lol. But I do tend to buy one main Winter jacket according to its colour so that it's easier to match and most of the time it's white, then I always wear jeans, and voila! lol I'm all set to go out in my region where Winter is ~70% of the year lol.
  14. I have a hard time figuring out what pair of jeans to wear for the day =(
  15. i have to match!
    even my wallet has to match the bag too
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