Do you match your bags w/ your wallets?

  1. I'm curious to know how many of you match your Coach bags w/ your Coach wallets (from the same line)? I have 2 Coach wallets that match w/ 2 of my Coach bags. I think the bag is more important than the wallets/accesories because people notice the outside first. How important is it to you to own matching bags and wallets?
  2. i like to invest in one really good wallet- Coach signature. and will use it til it basically rolls over and dies. i think a wallet is more of an investment and a bit expensive to coordinate w every bag.
  3. Not really, when I was more into other brands, I had a wallet for my bags that matched the brand.

    Now that i'm into Coach, I just use a Chelsea Leather Mini Skinny as my wallet. I'm slowly shifting my wardrobe/accessories away from black and towards brown, so my skinny is brown. It will match most bags I buy from here on out.

    (I feel like this was incoherent rambling, forgive me...I just crawled out of bed!)
  4. No, I'd rather have more bags...Don't like to change around my wallets either.
  5. I agree with daimerlover...I'd rather have more bags. I rotate 2 wristlets khaki signature with vachetta and hamptons brown. I would like a coach wallet :girlsigh:
  6. I do not match my wallets to my bags. That's just me. I am not matchy, matchy that way. I prefer a different color contrast with my bags. I own three Coach Wallets and they are Legacy Pond French purse, Legacy whiskey french purse, Legacy striped french purse. Today I am carrying my Ergo Patent Mahogany hobo with a Legacy Citron wristlet, Legacy pond french purse wallet and the new Legacy turnlock punch agenda. I prefer to see color in my bags and it makes it easier to find things as well.
  7. I had a thread on this not long ago. I wouldn't mind matching, but usually don't want to spend the $$ since I could almost buy another bag for the same price. :wtf: I also HATE switching out all my stuff from wallet to wallet. The only time it really bothers me is brown w/ black. I also think like you said, it's the outside that counts!!! lol
  8. I DO try to match my wallet to my bag in that if I am carrying a khaki siggy bag, I use a khaki/siggy wallet, etc...I do only buy ONE of each color though and ONLY w/ the "different" types of bag....for example my denim striped signature tote...I bought the matching wallet to that b/c I didnt have a wallet that I liked to go w/ that bag being it is DENIM! With my chocolate carly, I want to buy a chocolate siggy wallet, but I do have my khaki siggy wallet to use if I wind up not buying another one.... I guess it just depends how I feel about a certain bag!!!! I DO like the matchy matchy look though :graucho:
  9. I never match my wallet to my bag. I like things that complement each other way more. I think that there's more personality this way because you're truly putting together a unique look instead of getting everything from a particular line.
  10. i wish i could afford to do this, but even if i could, btwn all the credit cards, health insurance cards, etc, i would never get around ot switching anyways!
  11. I only use one wallet; the black signature multi-function one, which goes with one of my bags. Having it match the bag doesn't really matter to me... but I do want another wallet because the style of my current one isn't really working for me. I'll probably get a leather one next so that it matches with other bags easily :smile:
  12. No I do not match. Since I have a few different brands of bags and I try to rotate my bags every few days. I never change out my wallet.
  13. I have one basic Coach wallet that goes with all my bags. I'd rather spend $$ on bags! :graucho:
  14. I don't