Do you match your bags to your Clothing or Mood?

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before - I couldn't find a recent thread about it.

    I never think about what I'm wearing when I choose my bag. I usually pick a bag that fits my mood then I use it for about a week or two before I change bags again. If I buy a new bag, I almost always immediately change it out and use it right away. I've been using my Gustto Setela in Caramel for about 2 weeks now - I can't seem to put it down!! I just love the feel of the leather and how light weight & smushy it is!
  2. TBH I rarely switch over bags and when I do I'll use the same one for a long period. I used my Mulberry Roxanne loads and then got the Bayswater and used that loads and then sold them both and use my Chloe Paddie all the time........might switch over to my new Thomas Wylde Portabello in the next couple of days, I've had it since early April and not used it yet.
  3. I match to clothing and occasion. But my entire outfit will often be based on how I feel in addition to which event I'm going to.
  4. Usually the mood, unless the bag totally clashes with the outfit.
  5. I match mine to the weather and to the day's functions. LOL
  6. The only time I really change my bags is when I am going out at night someplace dressy. I used to change bags all the time until I started buying higher end designer bags. Since getting a few LV's I don't change them! I used my speedy ALL winter - seriously for 6 straight months and I am now using my baggy (in sig below) for the spring/ summer. It matches just about everything.
  7. you have the setela in medium or large? I'm dying to get one. Is it really slouchy? The large seems so gigantic, but I'm not sure I can carry the medium over my shoulder. Anyway, to answer your question, I usually match my bag to my mood, since I wear scrubs all day. Almost all my purses clash with the hideous "green"!
  8. Hahaha I must sound like a total dork - not only do I change my bag according to my mood - I also plan my outfit around my bag! HAHAHA

    I have been lazy tho - I don't feel my changing my bag - still using the Tano Sexy Terry - so I plan my outfit around the bag! HAhahah
  9. Mostly match to outfit/occasion, but also based on mood. I switch bags a lot!
  10. I have discovered that my Hayden-Harnett Mercer Triple-Compartment Satchel in poppy makes my 'mood' - every morning I wake up and look at it and have to adjust it, there on the counter ... and I'm pleased all over again. Throughout the day I have to get various items out of it and I think again -:love: I am well pleased with this bag. I've never had this kind of bag-relationship before.

    Before this, I'd carry a bag for a few months (or longer) until I was overcome with the need to change to something else - and anything could set off that 'need', as many of you know.

    Mood or what I was wearing had nothing to do with it.
  11. I have the large one - it is a big bag, but extremely slouchy. I absolutely LOVE it! The bag forms to your body and it doesn't look hideously huge (the bags they show on the models, are stuffed full of tissue - unless you loaded the bag completely, it wouldn't look like that). It also fits great over my shoulder w/lots of room between my armpit and the shoulder strap (a MUST for the summer).

    The one thing about it - if you're anything like me - I throw everything inside, and find I can't immediately find what I'm looking for, but that's a problem I have with just about every bag I carry!! I'm a small person, but for some reason I just love big bags - esp if they're soft & slouchy, like the Setela.

    I saw the smaller one at Nordstroms, and was so happy I decided to go w/the large (I debated online for a while). I didn't like the look/shape of the smaller bag, and for me it would have been too small. It also did NOT fit over my shoulder (well, it did but was tucked immediately under my arm - a no-no for me!).
  12. I change my bag every Sunday night and use it for a week-then change again!:smile:
  13. I do the exact same thing, JNH14! It works out b/c I find some time during the weekend to switch out, then I don't have to worry about it. I also then find it easy to grab outfits based around my weekly pick :smile: So great b/c with my rotation it's like a new bag every week!
  14. me too.
  15. TBH I usually plan my outfit around which ever bag I feel like wearing that day as well!
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