Do you match your bag with your wallet?

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  1. hi there! i don't know if this was asked before. I have recently bought a LV damier bag. Every time i put out my Gucci wallet, almost everybody noticed or reacted that it's not a damier wallet. It crossed my mind before to get one to match my bag but I just love to use my Gucci wallet!!! Does anyone do the same or i am the only one?
  2. :yes: my burberry wallet is retired. i don't like to mix.
  3. yes and no...depends on my moods!
  4. I agree with INGINGA! I DONT mix and match! I like damier with damier and classic mono with classic mono etc!!!
  5. I'm a matching freak LOL ;)
  6. My accessories coordinate with my bag but don't match exactly. For example if I carry a Damier bag, I carry my Vernis Pomme wallet & make up pouch. It's everyone's personal preference!
  7. I agree, it's a personal preference. My wallet stays in my purse 90% of the time anyway. So I don't worry about matching everything.
  8. I have the international mono wallet which is pretty gigantic and it is super stuffed so i dont imagine changing my wallet ever (unless it falls apart). I like the matchy look but would never do it myself.
  9. i match designer labels, but not patterns..... i don't like mono on mono, or damier on damier, etc.
  10. I would love to match wallets and bags but it's too much of a PITA for me. Rotating bags is much easier and I could do this daily, but wallets I tend to rotate every few weeks.
  11. I only have 1 wallet, but 3 different styles of bags, and the wallet only matches 1 of them!

  12. funny we have the same dilemma, i have a damier speedy 30 and a gucci walllet. i dont care if they don't match. at least they're both chocolate in color.:smile:
  13. A BIG NO!!! At first when I got into LV I had all mono inside my bag. After about a year of not being able to tell everything apart and having to pull stuff out to tell what it is. I slowly started selling my mono SLG's and buying different patterns for everything. I now have a pomme cles, a rose pop ZCP and a mono 6 key holder. I wish they made 6 key holders in vernis I would have to have one. I still need something azur inside my bag. I had a white MC wallet that I loved until the LV's started rubbing off. It is normal with MC.
  14. I match it up to point then got tired of pull out cc cards from one and then put into another. if i felt like doing it, sometimes i do.
  15. Never....I hate matching the purse to the wallet.