Do you match your bag with your wallet?

  1. Not sure if this had been discussed before.., but I'm really kinda curious... :P I usually don't, so far I only stick to a wallet that I always use as I feel that it's pretty troublesome to take out all my stuffs from one wallet to put into another.

    But when I was picking up my Speedy the other day, I saw how nice it looks if I have a matching wallet to go with... :love: :P So do you girls usually have matching wallets to go with your bags?
  2. No, way too hard! For me anyway...
  3. Me too... I'm so careless I'm afraid I'll forget some important stuffs like ID or any cards... :P
  4. Agree too hard.That's why I have 2 wallets only one big one small:yes:
  5. Right now I only have 1 LV wallet...and honestly I think it's good enough. PITA to transfer everything!
  6. I do. But sometimes I don't bother changing and will carry Damier with Monogram. But never Vernis... always carry Vernis with Vernis accessories. And when are they going to come out with Denim accessories? Never??
  7. naaaa, no way. I do have many many wallets but usually go with a pochette mono for my cards, money etc and a cles for my coins
  8. i have one LV wallet that i use for all my bags :biggrin:
  9. i had the same dilemma! :yes: decided to just go with ONE wallet that i love with all my bags, and i just got it yesterday - the red epi koala wallet! :love:
  10. Yes, I do. I have a pti for mono, damier, mini mono, mc black, and mc white. A smaller wallet and cles for my epi. I use cles and smaller wallets for smaller bags and ptis for larger bags. I couldn't find a marshmallow pti for my vernis though. I'm pretty anal about matching my wallets, which is crazy cause I could have bought more lv bags...hehehe.

    Also its a pita to change wallets, but I've gotten used to it! Once you start, you can't stop!!!
  11. nope! too much trouble to change them all the time
  12. No, not at all. The mono is my favorite and all my lv is mono, and I just bought the damier speedy 30 because its worry free in bad weather but I do not like the damier that much to buy any of the accessories. I am very happy to use my LV MONO stuff in it. It doesnt bother me at all.
  13. No, not me. I only own 1 LV wallet, it is mono, and I am carrying it with my Damier still looks nice together.
  14. Nope, I carry my mono koala w/ all my bags and it works well.
  15. I change purse almost every other day, depending on what I'm wearing, but I stick to one wallet. It's too much of a hassle to dig all the cards out and then put them in another wallet. It's a different story with a purse though. :love: No, and I don't match wallet to purse. It's fun to mix and match. :smile: