Do you match your bag to your outfit or your outfit to your bag?

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  1. In the past I always found myself getting dressed for work in the morning and then picking a bag to match.

    Now that I got a few new bags that I am really excited about and they are all different colors, I find myself picking the bag first and then matching it to an outfit :yes:

    I just thought of it today and thought it was funny. :yahoo:

    How about you???
  2. LOL. You are not alone, I've been doing this for quite a while now. :tup:
  3. Same here sista!! Every night I will choose a bag gor next day and then pick out what to wear the following morning to match my bag. It used to be the other way round before my Chanel days! Never regret it a day though! At work, my colleagues sometimes bet (lunch treats) which Chanel I will bring to work that day! One day I surprised everyone with a non Chanel and I got boo-ed. Haha!!!
  4. it depends. if i have an outfit that is new or special or that i really love, i pick the bag to suit the outfit. but if i am dying to wear a particular bag i will build an outfit around it.
  5. The majority of the time I plan my outfit around the bag!! :yes:
  6. I think I have enough bags that I actually just plan the bag and accessories around the outfits I want to wear :smile:
  7. You're not alone in this... I've been doing this forever haha. :smile: I have a lot of different colored bags I love matching with outfits... for example, I'll find a DVF dress in my closet and a flap/reissue to complement it. This weekend, I decided I wanted to carry my red caviar Jumbo, so I planned my outfits around it. It goes both ways for me. Nutty, maybe, but typical for me, yes. :P
  8. lol i think a lot of us do this. my wardrobe revolves around my bags! when i'm contemplating a new bag at the store i'd have to be able to visualize a few outfits with it before getting it!!
  9. my one chanel is black and it looks good with just about anything :yahoo: so at this point more bag to outfit. Although if I had a larger and more colorful collection I would definitely be matching outfits to bags :P
  10. I hear ya! I'm the same way. Pick out the bag for the day first & then outfits after.:yes: Heck I sometimes take it a step further. I will buy a bag I love,and then have to go out & buy some outfits to match later. Sounds :nuts:,but that's me.:P
  11. ^Haha, I've done the same thing... buy a bag, then shop for clothing with that bag in mind. :nuts: Hell, I'm so crazy that literally anytime I shop I imagine what bag I'd wear with the outfit! :nuts:
  12. I always think about my shoes first.
  13. So do I, and then look for a bag to compliment my shoes:yes:
  14. He he, may be I should try that - it would be fun!! :tup:

  15. actually, i sometimes love a particular bag so much that i don't care what i wear..ok, maybe i care a little. so yes, the bag would dictate my outfit.