Do you match wallets to the handbag?

  1. Ladies, this is a question that pops into my head whenever I think about buying or do buy a bag. Do you get the matching wallet? Do you get one in the same color, different style? Different brand? I have always liked contrast and like to carry a silver faux-croc wallet, which I like with black, eggplant, and other dark bags... what do you all do when it comes to choosing a wallet (or do you skip them entirely)?
  2. The thought has crossed my mind about a matching wallet with each bag, but I think that would drive me crazy and broke. Instead I have two neutral, one black and one brown. I like it b/c they go with everything even at times when I use it with a different designer bag.
  3. I match by brand. The only wallet I am missing is a Chanel one.
  4. No, I don't match my wallets to my handbags.

    I probably should though. That would be quite chic.

    I'm just lazy about switching my cards.
  5. No, I like to collect a little of everything instead of a few of the same pieces. Plus, I change my bags practically everyday, & I think changing my wallet that often would drive me crazy!
  6. nah, i only buy pieces im in LOVE with and if i am then they all look good together in my eyes :smile:
  7. I don't match them. I change my bags every day, so it would never work. I use a Burberry Novacheck checkbook wallet that matches almost all of my bags in one way or another for day and a smaller Marc Jacobs for night (essentials only). I used to have a whole collection of wallets, but finally downsized to just a couple to simplify my life. A gazillion handbags is difficult enough!

    I actually don't like the idea of matching bags and wallets much anyway. Way too matchy-matchy for me.
  8. I love different wallets. I don't change them as often as my bag but I do switch my cards out every now and then. Right now I use a pink faux-croc wallet made by Calvin Klein and I non-brand black one I got from the store I used to work at. They work :smile:
  9. Nope.
  10. i have no matching bag/wallet combo unfortunately and sometimes I'm paranoid about how it looks when I'm bringing out my wallet from my purse but really, I don't think I care- as long as I like my bag & my wallet, I'm happy.
  11. I prefer that they not match, actually. Too matchy-matchy for me. Plus, I don't like to switch out wallets - too much stuff to switch around! I carry a Kate Spade tan leather wallet that looks good with everything.
  12. No because I'm lazy and I hate changing purses let alone wallets. I don't think it's that big of a deal. I'm using my fuschia perfo wallet right now. But if I feel the need to change, I have a few to switch up.
  13. nope. i buy something that will work for me. i really love the hobo international line for wallets.
  14. my wallet is an lv multicolore PTI... so whicever colour of my bags, it will surely match at least with one of the color from the 33 range :p
  15. Yes, I just stick with LV monogram canvas for everything, and that way my wallet always matches whatever bag I am carrying. On the rare occasions when I need use a little black bag, I don't carry a wallet, but just take whatever I need out of my wallet and put it in a little inside pocket of the bag.