Do you match the hardware on your bags and accessories?

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    Glad I'm not the only one that mixes!
  2. No, I usually try and match the hardware on the fob to the bag but I don't worry about matching my personal jewelry to the hardware on my bag.

    The only time I might do that if I was getting really dressed up to attend a wedding or fancy formal event, but even then probaby not.

    In fact, now that I think about it, the last 2 events I attended (a wedding and a banquet) the hardware on my purse didn't match my jewelry!
  3. No!
  4. I like nickel hardware and all my jewelry is white gold and sterling silver. I hate mixing :smile:

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  5. I only wear silver/white gold/platinum jewelry so I never even think to match with the hardware on my bags! I have bags with silver and bags with gold, doesn't matter to me so much on a bag. I'm not really into the matchy matchy thing, my wallets, makeup cases, wristlets, etc don't have to match my bag. I love tons of colors and patterns!
  6. I an definitely not that matchy matchy. The only time it really bothered me was with my siggy bag that had gold leather also.

  7. This is OT but I can't stop staring at the bag in your avatar! I'm drooling, it's gorgeous!
  8. I dont match
  9. Lol why thank you. That's my first and only LV I bought pre loved a couple of weeks ago and added the coach scarf :smile:
  10. Agreed! I feel this way too
  11. I don' wedding jewelry is yellow gold, other is white or silver or platinum, and I like to mix it up. On my bags, however, I like the hardware to match for my accessories and whatever is on the bag. It's not a dealbreaker, but I do prefer it that way.
  12. No, I love to mix it up. My wedding rings are a mix of white and yellow gold, and so is my favorite ring on my right hand which is a designer piece.
    I always mix my other jewelry also.
    Actually if you look at the recent designer jewelry, a lot of it is mixed metals. I just bought earrings by Mark Jacobs that are gold, rose gold and silver.
  13. No. All the jewelry I wear is silver/white gold except for one set of rings that is rose gold.

    I don't wear yellow gold jewelry ever but it doesn't bother me if the bag has gold or brass hardware because if I love it I will still carry it.
  14. Never thought about doing that actually, so I guess no is my answer LOL! But I bet it looks nice!
  15. Because I mix my jewelry I really don't match my hardware.