Do you match the hardware on your bags and accessories?

  1. OK so how do you gals (and guys) tackle this one ... if you are wearing silver jewelry, do you make sure your bag has silver hardware?

    I must be weird or something ... but I LOVE silver jewelry (that is not the weird part) ... however I feel like I don't match when I wear silver/platinum stuffs with my 2.55 which of course has goldtone hardware ...and since I wear silver like all the time - I find I rarely use my two LVs or the Chanel ..

    why silver? - because it matches my wedding band/engagement ring - ok I am being silly right?

    so is my rationale for getting an 'evening' bag or fancy bag with silver hardware really strange?

    does it matter?
  2. I really don't think it matters, unless you're wearing a huge piece of eyecatching silver jewelry and then finish it off with a handbag loaded with gold hardware. These days I think it is safe to wear silver and gold together...I notice alot of stylist do it. It would drive me nuts to always wear silver because my wedding ring is white gold/silver...nevermind trying to match the handbag hardware :wacko: .
  3. Hi Harley,
    I must admit I feel the same way - I would never, ever mix a gold necklace and a bag with silver hardware. Don't think it's a big deal - it's just me.. I mean, I would not have a problem with someone else mixing - just don't feel comfortable mixing, myself. Being a silver-girl, I would normally look for silver hardware-bags, but now I have recently developed a Mulberry-obsession, so I have decided that brass hardware is OK - as long as it is not shiny...
  4. I have a mulberry too - can't seem to mix any jewelry with it - I tend to wear a diamond heart pendent on a platinum chain a lot - goes great with my wedding ring and band - but not with with my bags unless they have shiny silvertone hardware ...

    and with LV - the gold tone is really bright and shiny so I find that matching it to gold pieces I own doesn't work because most of my pieces are antique-y looking (dark gold) ...

    huh what is a girl to do ???

    well I found a rather un-novel solution today ... the husband, bless his sole ... bought me a silver necklace with gold accents - and the gold really pops when you wear it with the Chanel ...

    good god - I am horrible!!!
  5. I don't think it matters at all. But it depends on the amount of jewelry you are going to wear. Keep it minimal if you are going to mix accessories.
  6. I would never ever mix silver and gold. But like vicky, I've deemed brass/dark hardware to be acceptable and when wearing those, I try to keep the jewelry pieces either toned down or without metal that'll clash.
  7. I dont like to mix either ...
    that is why I have BOTH!!
    A yellow gold plain wedding ring ...
    AND a white gold one with baguette diamonds ...
    That way I can always match :p
  8. I don't think it matters -- I think too much jewelry can detract from a great bag, though.
  9. I kind of feel the same way, although I'm trying to let go. For the most part, I wear silver jewelry and own bags with silver hardware, but lately, I've been using my Speedy alot, so I've tried not to worry too much.
  10. i don't mix it either. i'm really weird about small stuff like that.
  11. I'm not a fan of yellow gold jewelry or goldtone hardware on bags. My Chanel classic flap has silver hardware and so does my Chanel tote. Here is a pic of them.
  12. I think it is ok to mix, if you are mixed elsewhere. For example David Yurman or something that has both the gold and silver.
  13. heya everyone!

    I have this thing, which a lot of people hink is very very crazy( waves to *JJ*): I ONLY wear gold when my bags have goldhardware and only silver or platin when the hardware is palladium or palladium plated. Is this normal?
    also, I bought myself this blue suede loafers and saw that I didnt have a ble bag, so I bought myself a blue shopper and a lv antigua blue I vcould wear my blue shoes with it....
    same goes with sunglasses: the color of the hardware and handles etc HAS to fit the hardware.
    Even my fellow good friend and baghag(waves to *JJ* again), thinks I am a freak about it sometimes....

    My boyfriend thinks I am a perfectionist, but even I just LOVE things to match.......even if I wear vintage, oir mix and match, it always has to be related to eachother.....for example: I could NEVER wear white and gold rings on one hand, or brown shoes with a black bag.etc......

    am I crazy??
  14. yes.

  15. Heh, I thought I was the only one. I do this too, I don't like to be mismatched or clashing so it just makes my life easier to match the hardware to my jewelry.