Do you make more $$ than your SO??

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  1. Let's talk! Do you? If so, does this affect your relationship in a negative or positive way? How so? :flowers:
  2. I think I currently do but since I'm about to leave my job, he'll be the only one making $$ in our relationship. So far, it hasn't affected our relationship at all and I don't think it ever will. My bf is very supportive and not at all jealous in any way that I was making more.
  3. My hubby makes more because I am currently a grad student and make peanuts. Before going back to school he always made more.
    He likes to rib me about it...but in good natured fun. Sometimes I take offense to it and we argue but it's never anything too serious.
    We share the bank account...always ask before making major purchases and are pretty equal in our spending habits....we just like different things.
    He's anxious for me to finish school....then he said he's going to take 9 years off and deliver pizzas and relax. I think he feels a little stressed sometimes having to be the major money earner.
  4. Yes, at the moment. But when I am fully qualified in my job, I'm going to make more than him!

    I don't think it ever bothers me that's he's making more. Makes me feel less guilty whenever he pays for dinner!
  5. at the moment, yes... but it doesnt affect our relationship... my bf just wants me to have a little bit of money to spend with him (eg/ dinner, shopping etc...) in the weekends AND not spend it ALL during the week when i go late night shopping or eBaying!!! :shame:
  6. I definitely make more money than he does. I don't know whether or not it affects the relationship but I have been told that if the female makes more money, it does somewhat affect the relationship if the guy is the more conservative type (which my SO is due to ego issue ... So nowadays I don't really tell him how much I make, lest he starts having "doubts" about us ... But, seeing how everyone around me has a tendency to advance faster than I do, he'll most likely make more money than I do in the future
  7. I used to in the beginning of our marriage. He was finishing his college and I supported him and the house we bought for a few years. Now the shoe is on the other foot. But he knows that was how he got his start without college he wouldn't be the business owner he is now and I never say anything about it. It was an investment for me to do that.
  8. No, my SO's have always made exponentially more than I do mostly because they're a few years older. My current "unboyfriend" has said that he could never marry a woman who makes more than he does. Yes, he is an enlightened feminist male but he grew up in a household where his mother held her earnings over her husband's head. I think personal experience plays a huge role in how you feel about respective earnings.
  9. This is true for me too, unless I'm dating a grad student. But in general I date a certain type and they make a lot of money. I'm not dating them because of their money. It's just because that's the kind of crowd I'm in.
  10. He definitely makes more than me (and always has). I probably couldnt handle the pressure of being the primary income.
  11. I make more salary-wise than DH, but his net worth is exponentially more than mine. It evens out! ;)
  12. Well actually, right now I make more than Vlad :wtf:

    I assume that will most likely change later... but if not, I don't think it would be an issue
  13. long run he will be the breadwinner. However in the past year there were times when I was workign and he wasn't.
  14. My hubby makes more than me due to his bonus every week. But, when he takes vacation or is out sick my paycheck is bigger. Doesn't bother me or him. He would love for me to make more than him all the time so he could stay at home.
  15. I make more than my boyfriend does but it doesn't effect our relationship at all. He just sometimes cracks jokes about how I'm his "sugar mama" lol

    I'm confident in the fact that he'll eventually be making as much or more than myself sometime in the future.