Do you make assumptions based on bags people carry?

  1. I was talking to someone who told me a certain bag that we saw was so "basic". It wasn't my bag and I actually think the bag is gorgeous but I wonder how much women in the "appreciate a great handbag world" make assumptions about the bags being carried and the person who carries them?
    A real example is a friend of mine and I were at our sons basketball camp and one of the coaches is a retired basketball player whose wife had a DE neverfull and her friend had a mono neverfull and my friend made the comment that the one with the mono was more old school with her taste while the coach's wife was obviously trying to show off her wealth. Now this could have been based on how they were dressed and carrying themselves but it made me wonder what people think of others based on their bag.
    My favorite LV that I own and get the most mileage from is the totally mm and I carry it everywhere. It just makes me laugh because people think it looks like a diaper bag and I fit the stereotype of it being my mom bag as I have 5 kids and always overstuff it.
  2. I think we all make assumptions based on people's appearances. But mono being old school and DE being showy is one I haven't heard before. Sounds like your friend has some preconceived notions about these ladies that is affecting how she sees the bags. Which is understandable for sure. But whenever I carry my DE bags, I feel a little less flashy than I do with my mono bags. That being said, mono is seen by many as the more traditional print, so maybe she associates it with "old money.".
  3. Nope. I acknowledge bags when I'm out and about especially if I see a cute one but that's it. DE is less flashy than Mono and I don't think carrying a bag is flaunting wealth unless the person announces their bag to everyone in the room.
  5. I agree with that. I think part of what influenced my friend's opinion is that the woman never once put her bag down so it may have appeared she wants everyone to now she was carrying the bag. But I also think that people who are not familiar with LV wouldn't even recognize the DE and that makes it a more subtle bag- less "showy". My friend is very observant and can spot people, cars etc. miles away whereas I keep to my own immediate line of vision so I think my friend is just more in tune with others and what they are doing. I didn't even notice the woman husband and he's over 7 feet tall LOL.
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  6. I'm sure these preconceived notions come into everyone's minds from time to time when they see a certain bag or designer - we read posts that have similar underlying implications across tPF when it comes to certain brands or specific style bags by a designer. I don't think (or at least I'd like to think) that I wouldn't consciously judge someone by their bag, with maybe the exception of "they have excellent taste". I know it's something I don't like when it happens to me, especially being younger than the average target demographic for some brands. Last summer I went to buy a small SLG for a tiny crossbody bag that I have and was essentially ignored by the staff there. When I was in the same store again a few months later, wearing a different designer bag and sunglasses from the store I was in, the service was completely different. Also, the comment about mono vs DE is interesting - while I know the DE is older, I think it's a little more understated.
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  7. Oh good lord - tell your friend to get a life & stop worrying about other people!

    In all seriousness though, the canvas bags are expensive, but the cost is not prohibitive enough where many people cannot afford to buy them.

    It's not like the wife was wearing the LV Capucines or an ostrich alma.

    Sounds like your friend is jealous & needs to ask herself why she is spending her time analyzing another woman's bag habits.
  8. I agree with this 100%.
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  9. Meh...I don't put my bag down unless I'm at a restaurant as I'm a bit of a germaphobe. Sounds like your friend spends a lot of time and energy 'analyzing' ____ (fill in blank), and perhaps you're wondering if it's the norm? As far as in tune with others, she sounds more like a busybody and a hen pecker. I think staying in your line of vision is working out just fine for you, I wouldn't move in her lane at all...too draining. Keep doing you. :smile:
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  10. Yes, we all do - but the friend was going way too deep.
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  11. I don't put my bag just anywhere... it doesn't mean I want to show it off. It means I am not comfortable putting it down where it may be dirty or could get damaged. Maybe that was the situation. It's people like ur friend who make some people self conscious when wearing their lux items. Your friend needs to mind her own business and keep her opinions to herself. It's one thing being observant it's another thing to be judgemental, which clearly she is.
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  12. I think the reason she didn't put her bag down is to protect it from dirty floor. I wouldn't do that for sure. I even brought the dust bag on the plane on overseas trip and put my Chanel in it before putting it on the plane floor! I can tell if someone is used to carrying expensive bags and the one who is being showy. The showy type usually looks uncomfortable in carrying the bag. I prefer the DM print but I don't mind mono if it's embossed like on the empriente leather. It's not too obvious.
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  13. DE is the original print from 1898. Reintroduced in 1998.
    Mono came to be because of counterfeiters.
  14. Yes I judge, and I'm honest about it. Don't we all... be honest.
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  15. +1 I don't even put my grocery bags /plastic bags from the market on the floor because I am a germaphobe. I do the same to my expensive bags too.
    Never assume anything about anyone. That's what I learnt in life :smile:
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