Do you make any of your own jewelry? Post pics

  1. Besides those here who are super talented .. does anyone ever make their own things? Please post your pictures! Most of mine are cheesy but I've actually given some pieces as gifts and recently sold a few sets of my twisted mixed colored pearls to family and friends (I don't really charge-just the cost of the materials).
  2. No one? How about our resident jewelers????
    100_0677.jpg 100_0678.jpg 100_0679.jpg
  3. You make some very pretty things!!! I LOVE the necklace on the left on the first picture of post #2!!! :nuts:

    I love to make jewelry with beads and crystals as well, I usually use faceted colored glass beads and swarovski crystals, also these murano glass type beads. I also dabble in polymer clay. I've made several charm bracelets that my friends seem to love, and several earrings too but I don't have pics. I've been too busy to make some new ones :sad:

    I love making jewelry from beads, it's so fun to come up with designs, they are cheap but look sooo nice, and make great gifts! :yes: Now I have to go on a shopping spree to buy new beads and materials, I'm so jealous of your creations! :graucho:

    Where do you get your materials? ;)
  4. BrodiesLVMama, I like your third set of necklaces with teardrop beads. elegant! :yes:

    here are some of my fav stuff. hope u'd like it. I sell some on my etsy. And keep some for myself, and made some for my friends.


    i know there are talented artists in this forum. can't wait to see pics!! :heart:
  6. BrodiesLV...your pieces are so pretty! I love that last necklace in the last photo. So elegant!

    And OrangeTree...I didn't know you were on this forum too! LOL I love your work as I already said on the Reasonable Insanity forum! Gorgeous bracelets!

    I just spent about 10 hours making neck is killing me! I have a big show next Sunday and right before shows I always get really inspired to make new things. :wlae:




    These are some of my new favorites...Imperial Topaz and Emeralds.

    And this one is fun! My husband is so sweet, he wanted to help name it! He wants to call it Seaweed but I figure "California Sea Grass" is a little better. lol It's faceted green tourmaline tubes - 7 strands.



    Oy...I'm tired. I think it's time to go to bed. lol
  7. Castco, I love the first pair of earrings in your post and the bracelet that you named California Sea Grass!
  8. Thanks Digby! Just the fact that hubby offered a name was so cute! He never does that. So I had to name it something similar to his suggestions...I just don't think "Seaweed" sounds very elegant. LOL
  9. You ladies are so very talented. I love all the pieces you've made.

    Orangetree .... where do you fnd/buy such beautiful beads?
  10. You guys are talented. Those are gorgeous pieces!
  11. Those are cute pieces!
  12. thanks alot, ladies, for the compliments!:smile:

    Kat, think you are referring to the lampwork beads. You can find these lovely lampwork beads from eBay. There are Self represented artists (SRAs) who make their own beads for sale. There are couple of nice sites which I visit frequently too. If you are interested, I can PM you.
  13. I'll post a couple of my favorite bead makers too.

    5 Fish Designs - Karl and Krista are incredibly talented and she makes jewelry too

    Glass & Splinters is a wonderful lady in Australia who makes beautiful glass beads.

    There are SO many talented people out there. :smile:
  14. Thanks Orangetree and Casto for the info. I don't know the first thing about making jewelry but your beautiful pieces have inspired me. Maybe I'll buy a book on jewelry making for a hobby. Any recommendations on books for beginners?
  15. instead of getting books, here's a great option -- free online tutorials! :yes:

    here's one superb link:-

    There are also many free online tutorials in jewellery forums (you need to register though). I love reasonable insanity.:heart: People are nice in that forum.

    Or you can consider bead magazines. There are alot of different types on newstands and bookstores.