Do you mail your original store tags with items sold on ebay?

  1. I sold a handbag and the buyer wants the original tag with the "required for return" sticker from bloomingdales. Is it wise to send that out with the handbag?

    In my listing, I wrote that I'm including the care card and tag (did not mention the department store tag). I already emailed her a copy of the receipt, and will not give her the original receipt (even though she asked for it).

    I'm thinking it's not wise to send the original tag, is it?
  2. seems like they want it so they can return it to the store... or try to...
  3. yeah, but i paid by Credit Card... there's always a chance it could be given out, right?
  4. since you paid by credit card i would not give it to her you never know if she can claim to be you and get info or she could be trying to return it to the store either way i wouldn't. You can tell her you did not mention the buyer would get that in the listing so your not going to give it
  5. good point, I didn't think she'd pretend to be me. I will not give it to her, you're right I didn't say it's part of the auction. I just want to ensure that she'll be a happy customer.
  6. In her defense (although she might be up to something fishy still) some buyers want original tags as yet another proof of authenticity (for example, if she wants to sell it on eBay again later). Maybe you could offer to send her a photocopy of the tag if she's just worried about the legitimacy of the bag?
  7. Yeah, I tried to sell a couple of Juicy necklaces that still had the tags on them from Nordies but no one ever bid on them even after relisting 5 times and for $30 less than retail. My aunt got them for me last Christmas, they weren't my style, she paid with a CC but the salesgirl told me she wouldn't find out that I returned them if I just had the refund put on my debit card.

    But also, I've sold shoes on eBay that still have the Nordie's return sticker on them..I always peel it off just in case a buyer would get the idea to try to return it for full price since I always sell things a LOT cheaper than they retail for.
  8. hmm- sounds fishy to me. I've never been in the posistion of selling an item that came from a department store with a "return sticker" policy, but for receipts I send a photocopy with my name and CC info blotted out, so maybe you could send a copy of the sticker/tag with part of the number or barcode covered up?
  9. over here, they will only do a refund on the card the item was paid for on, will they refund on any card over there then?
  10. no, I think if you don't want a refund on the original credit card, they will issue a store credit.
  11. I think it also depends on the store. Like I said, when I returned the necklaces to Nordstrom, I was given the option of either the store credit or for the refund to be put on my debit card.
  12. Strongly agree :yes: :yes: :yes:

    PS: your hannah is soooo cute :love:
  13. Nordstrom will give you a credit on ANY card or they will even give you cash if you ask (even if it was paid by cc).
  14. I have never been asked for this and I'd have a hard job finding tags given that I cut them off and lose them immediately!
  15. Just peel it off or scribble it out with magic marker.