Do You Lust Even More After A Purse If It's Unattainable?!

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  1. OMG! Will someone please volunteer to calm me down?!! :nuts: For some odd reason, today was the day I just discovered that the $995 plastic coca cabas is sold out all over, probably even in the Serengeti Desert....I called NM in Arizona, Michigan, PA, Los Angeles, several locations in Fla where I live, Chicago, Denver, and everywhere has a huge waiting list...Tampa has the shortest, 30 people. I was hoping maybe to find a NM or Saks that has one, in a tiny town where maybe the women aren't as Chanel obsessed, but they're probably buying them in Amish country! I was lukewarm about this bag but now that I know they are this desirable, I must have one or sink into a depression. Has anyone else had this rather embarrassing, pathetic even, occurrence happen in their brain?? With any bag??? :sad:
  2. Actually it tends to be the opposite for me. If I can't easily get something, I conclude it's not worth having and move on to something else. I have the patience of a 2 year old so no purse would be worth searching the country for, calling around etc.
  3. aahhh Ashlend....if i had your viewpoint, i'd be makes alot of sense, the "not meant to be" school of thought. Thanks for that...:yes:
  4. one always wants what one cant have.....
    i am like that too..... and then, when i actually get it, there is a sense of accomplishment. sad really when i think about it. but i dont care.... :P
  5. Yes, my "Moment" was the Louis Vuitton MC Brown Cherry Blossom Papillon, which I had to have...I scoured the country and got a brand spanking new one when it first arrived in the US...came from LV in San Francisco...It has not left it's dustbag, but once to be looked at...It's sat in it's gift box in the back of my armouir, never worn, never admired, ignored...

    How sick is that???

    Don't feel bad, I'm right there with you...
  6. :idea: don't even joke about buying/selling please! LOL

    ::sighhh:: glad you know what i mean.....i actually think a big part of the obsession IS the sense of accomplishment, the feeling that you fought the good fight, a big uphill battle, and triumphed!
  7. Yep, I know that feels (though not with a LV :P). My "need to have it" moments always passes the minute I receive it, and while I might love it, I know I wouldn't have jumped on it if it wasn't hard to get!
  8. yea, whenever it's vertually unattainable, I want it SO MUCH MORE!
  9. ^LOL Yikes!! Me too:smile:
  10. no. I just move on. There will always be another bag I'm after!
  11. LOL, I had the EXACT same experience with my LV CB papillon! I went all the way to Paris!!! Kinda ridiculous, considering I live in LA. Of course, I can't complain - it was quite a trip.

    Nowadays, I can always manage to 'track down' an It Bag, if I do my research in advance.
  12. I'm still there on my pursuit of a Cerises Speedy with the right datecode and condition(I want a bag made the month/year I got engaged 02/05)
  13. Haha I kind of get like that, but not too bad.
  14. I did try the large Cabas and actually passed it up because I thought the leather was kind of rough looking, it was an odd shape and very casual and slouchy... I really didn't love it! The straps on the smaller one didn't even fit over my heavy winter coat, so it wasn't an option for me.

    Then I started reading about it so much on this forum, I found myself feeling sorry I didn't buy the large or the small! I try to remind myself that it wasn't love when I tried it at the store. :shrugs:

    Anyway, next year it will be on to something else... trust me... something fabulous always comes in. It never ends. There's always something new to buy.

  15. yep ... this would be me :P

    and then when I get it, I think "Oh, do I really even like this???" and so the circle begins ...