Do you love your Zucca?

Jun 4, 2007
Hi! I'm new to the boards but I've been lurking for about a week now. I was wondering if you girls could give me a little feedback about the Zucca. I got a Inferno Campeggio for Christmas and recently ordered a Pirata Stellina.

Anyway I'll cut to the chase, I'm really interested in getting a Zucca (any print would suit me) but I was wondering about how it feels on the shoulder and under the arm. Is it bulky? Will it want to slide off my shoulder? These are the things I really watch for when I'm buying a shoulder bag. Just give me a few of your Zucca experiences, from some of the posts I've seen, it seems like its a pretty popular style.

Thanks so much in advance for any replies.



goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
I loooooooove my Spiaggia zucca. It's my favorite tokidoki bag. It doesn't slide off my shoulder, but none of my toki's do because of the material the straps are made of. It just seems to stay in place. Depending on how much you stuff into the zucca, it COULD get bulky but it'll still retain is shape because of the piping. I think I put a lot in my zucca but it's not bulky. The front zipper is convenient for my cell phone. It's just a wonderful bag in general and can't wait to get another zucca!! I also love the zucca because not many people in Hawaii have them, since they're not sold here. Hehe.


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Mar 17, 2007
Im a big fan of the Zucca style itself, but not so much of the zucca in certain prints. I have an Adios Star zucca and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I think I might get another one in a future print, but I have to see how they look first.


Nov 11, 2006
I love my zucca. When I first saw it online, I thought it's too big and the shape is a little weird. After I got one and used it, I love it. It stays on the shoulder really well. I don't carry too much with me usually, but I did fit a thin hoodie in there once (without it looking too bulky) with my wallet, key holder, cell, tissues, camera and lip gloss. It definitely holds more than it looks.


goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
jezzyatthedisco: The Southampton outlet still has zucca's in Paradiso and fumo (gray) at 25% off. I think the zucca in Paradiso is really cute!! Miss :biggrin:ana has one with excellent print placement! I debate whether to get one all the time!!
Thanks, maya_exquisite.
I'm currently debating that very bag. I'm kind of a spaz cause I'd LOVE to have Zucco in Amore. But that probably won't pan out. I have a Paradiso Denero to go with my Inferno Campeggio and I'm a little unsure of that print. Can't really tell what all is there.

By the way did they make the Zucco in Playground or Foresta?


Nov 5, 2006
They didn't make the zucca in playground. :sad:The first prints that they made the zucca in was foresta/citta.

Good luck on your zucca hunt. It's a great bag. I think I have about 5 of them. I :heart: them they fit a ton of stuff. My only complaint is sometimes the straps twist and if I don't have them on my shoulder exactly right the bag keeps sliding off and it feels bulky :cursing:

My absolute favorite bag of all time is the bella bella. :tup: It is the PERFECT size and with only one strap it stays in place and I don't even know that it's on my shoulder :love: I always wish they discontinued something else instead of the bella bella :cursing:
TokiliciousJenY, I got an Arancia Bella yesterday from Ross of all places. I was kinda apprehensive about it because it seemed kinda small to me.. I'm used to huge bags. I was surprised that it fit in my Paradiso Denaro, my huge Palm Treo phone and my keys that had a bulky inch and a half plush of Chi from Chobits keychain with room to spare!

That bag reminds me of one of those cartoon houses.. it looks teeny tiny on the outside but when you go in its just huge!