Do You Love Your Stresa?

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Everday bag - mom of 2 boys- like's big bags!

  1. Stresa GM

  2. Palermo GM

  3. Noe

  4. Other-specifics please

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I recently purchased the Artsy MM and it just wasn't for me. I loved the "look" of the bag but for me it was uncomfortable on my shoulder and a bit hard to find things in due to all the material of the pockets hanging in the middle of the bag...So...I'm thinking about the stresa. I'm a monogram girl and I like big bags but I do think the azur is very beautiful.

    So, I'd like to take a poll. Stresa GM; Palermo GM; Noe; other

    I have to decide by Monday!! Thanks so much for everyone's help.
  2. Forgot to mention - I'm really struggling finding my "perfect" everday bag. Prior to the Artsy, I tried the Galliera GM - love the bag but not fond of the vachetta piping. I don't own any of the Damier Ebene so i'm open to any suggestions.
  3. I think Stresa will suit you but I heard that the flap can be pretty annoying.
    So I vote for Palermo. hope this helps you =)
  4. I tried on the Stresa and I just did not like the flap and buckle. I can imagine it being hard to get in and out the purse. The buckle was pretty heavy. IMO you should go for the Palermo its more versatile with the long strap.
  5. galliera!!!!
  6. Stresa has too much vachetta and if your not careful the bag won't look nice.. Too much matinence IMO, especially if it's going to be ur daily bag. If you wanted to use it for occasional use than I would get it in azur for sure!

    Palermo gm would be a good choice.. I prefer the pm cause gm is huge and slightly structured.. I like the big bags to have some slouch so it's not overwhelming.

    I personally like the Totally and IMO I don't think it looks like a diaper bag! It would be a great everyday bag.. Also very little vachetta to worry about! Good luck!
  7. out of those options i would have to say palermo
  8. How about a Totally, or a NF? Both are great everyday bags.

  9. LOL B you always say this. I like it too though. Or out of your choices OP I like the Stresa
  10. Stresa
  11. Just too much to choose from...
  12. luvlyLV-do you love your NF? I am now considering it in the Ebene. I don't have any other items in the Ebene - only have mono. Thinking about broadening my horizons and thinking outside the mono box. :biggrin:
  13. So sorry you didn't like the artsy! Out of your options I would definitely suggest a Palermo! Good luck :biggrin:
  14. Noe, I know there are many among us who don't like that style, ut IMO it's a very classy and classic bag and looks really chic especially in the warmer months
  15. I don't mind the buckle on the Stresa. It reminds me of my vintage collection of LVs. That being said, I'm of no help. I love both the Stresa and the Noe for the simplicity.