Do you love your Speedy B as much as the classic Speedy?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Wanted to know if you love your Speedy B as much as the original Speedy? I really want a Speedy B in DE, but I've heard the quality isn't as good as the classic speedy. Is there really a significant difference other than the strap?
  2. I'm so curious about this too because I'm currently in the middle deciding between the Speedy 30 DE and the Speedy B 30 DE.
  3. I don't have a Speedy B and I don't plan on getting one either as I love my regular Speedys.

    I think the 'B' s have a more casual look whereas I prefer the more classic look of the original Speedy. :smile:
  4. I have the DE Speedy B and DE/DA Speedy 30. The quality in the regular Speedy is a lot better than the Speedy B. I love my Speedy B more and it's my to go bag.
  5. I LOVE my mono speedy B. Qualitywise it is wonderful, and no different than my regular speedy.

    I agree, though, that the DE speedy b looked and felt awful to me. I went the day it was released to buy it and left without it.

    I will be in line for speedy b in azur, even though I have speedy in azur! lol
  6. For speedy 25, I prefer speedy B as it looks good as a shoulder bag, and the hands free option comes in really handy at times. For bigger sizes, I think the speedy looks better handheld and I'd prefer the regular speedy. I have not noticed any difference quality wise.
  7. Thanks for creating this thread, OP! I can't decide between the classic and the B. Hope to see more comments to come. :smile:
  8. Nope. I prefer the regular speedy and a bag that is really meant to be worn crossbody/shoulder like my bloomsbury & menilmontant. The speedy b 25 might be better for this purpose, but the 30 feels cumbersome and I sold mine.
  9. I have a mono speedy b 25 and an azur 25.

    The strap in super handy to have especially when running errands. I think the shorter strap is more of a formal look while the longer/cross body strap is more casual.

    My mum has a speedy b in DE and the quality of hers in impeccable.
    We have noticed that the zipper is harder to do up when compared to our normal speedys. It must be the extra leather that runs down the sides of the bag, it somehow makes the zipper stiffer.
    Also, I was surprised that my speedy b is quite heavier when compared to my normal speedy.

    Goodluck deciding, both versions are beautiful.
  10. I think the difference in quality is between mono and ebene.
    And the only thing I dont like about azur and mono classic speedy is how the " flaps" age.
    ( by the zipper and for the lock etc)
  11. I have the classic speedy and my friend has the speedy B and i love it!! Definitely on my wish list. I love the crossbody option
  12. I only own one speedy and it's the classic style. I do love the 'look' of the classic speedy better as the strap of the speedy b does make it look a bit like a duffle bag or a mini keepall especially in the 35 and 40, that being said I can imagine how the strap would really come in handy at times. I would purchase the speedy b if I could do it all over again but I currently own the menilmontant mm so I can't see any reason to get it now.
  13. I just got my speedy b 35 in mono over the weekend and I love it! I haven't noticed any quality issues so far - the canvas is just as thick as on my Kusama speedy. Now that I have it, I don't know how I managed without this bag. Loving the crossbody option!