Do you love your (small) Diamond Stitch Tote?

  1. Hi all, I've been lurking in the forum for awhile, and decided I really wanted the small diamond stitch tote. NM and Saks around here didn't have one in black, only the white version. I thought I would really love it and found one at a Saks in Maryland. I just got it today, and was so excited to unpack it, but once I got it out of the box, I was kind of let down.

    It is boxier than I remembered it being, and a little smaller. I'm wondering if it looks too plain? Also, one of the straps doesn't stay up on my arm too well. I'm not going to take the tags off and see if I end up liking it the more I look at it. Maybe it's just a natural let-down after anticipating it's arrival?:shrugs:
  2. hey junior, totally know whatya mean. I now have the small/med diamond stitch tote in THREE colors! red, white and brown. but i def need to return either the brown or white just not sure which one?

    It is really boxy and smaller than I expected, I originally wanted the large but hesitated and they sold out. I normally love wht bags, but the wht on the DS just doesnt have any sparkle, really kinda dull.

    But on the positive, the bag holds a TON and is super durable. great everyday bag. easy access pockets. Just thinkin 3 colors is way too much.
  3. I think the red would look beautiful. I've been walking around the house with mine and I'm starting to like it a little more. It's just that this is the most I've ever spent on a purse and I want to really love it. Like you said, I'm thinking it will hold a ton, and I carry a lot. It's great for work.

    I had also thought about a GST, but that I think it is too showy for work, and I really need a work bag. I'll be thinking about it over the weekend....
  4. ^ yeah, i use the red as a work bag everyday, and am pretty rough on it, it just looks better w/ use. I didnt buy the GST b/c i thought it was even more boxy, so DS is kinda my alternative since its boxy but smushy.
  5. You all are lucky. I want red DS but nowhere I can find.
  6. ^ katie, try Saks, that's where I got mine, have them put it on locator for u. good luck!
  7. YES! I think it's a great bag - good size, can be casual or dressy, side pockets are convenient... I don't think it's plain at all. I'm really happy with my purchase.
  8. oh no! now I'm getting kinda nervous cause I'm getting one in red. It's been awhile since I saw a black one in person and I remember really liking it. I hope I'm not disappointed too.
  9. Now that I've been walking around the house with it I like it better. Taking out all the paper they used to stuff it with helped a lot, it doesn't look as boxy.:sweatdrop:
  10. Thank going. I tried Saks. They said red was from last season. They have black and white only this season.
  11. juniormint you have the bag that I want!! Can you post modeling pics? Are you loving it yet? What's the leather like? I agree..that bag would look HOT in red!!!! (would LOVE some pics!!!)
  12. The more you use this bag the more you will love it! I don't have any problem with it staying on my shoulder. I just love how the DS is durable yet chic and holds quite a bit. It is a great everyday bag that you don't have to worry about. I have the black and if you look at it in direct light it has a nice sheen even though it is distressed.
  13. they have the black at Saks Town Center in Boca and i adore it...............holds a ton!
  14. OK dying for more pics here...Can you post some ? :yahoo: Thanx!
  15. ^You know, I had some pics in the DS thread in the reference library and for some reason they are not viewable. I am sure there are other pics of the DS in this thread or if you do a search.